Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I would love to be able to give you a full review of this movie but sadly, I missed a good portion of it. Seems I was coming down with a stomach virus and it didn't really kick in until about 15 minutes in to the movie. Was feeling fine and then all of the sudden.... I would like to take a moment to give a couple "attaboys!" to the ushers at the Warren Theater in Moore. I didn't quite make it to the bathroom before I lost the popcorn and lemonade I had previously consumed. In fact, I didn't make it to the bathroom at all. I made it to the hallway halfway in between the theater and the bathroom. Nice! Neither of these guys made an "oh-my-gosh-she-just-puked-in-the-hallway" face nor did they gag or make me feel worse than I already did. Thank you thank you thank you. I did offer to clean it up but they said it would be taken care of. Yuck! I went back in to the theater after cleaning myself up and within 10 minutes went back outside for round two. Made it to the bathroom that time. After the first round the usher asked what movie I was watching and when I told him he acted like that wasn't surprising. I found out today that several people have hurled during this movie. Who knew?

Now that that's out of my system...so to speak...on with the movie. Maybe the hurling was such a humiliating experience that the movie didn't affect me as it should have. I laughed more than I gasped. This might have had a little to do with the men who were screaming. Big babies! I will admit to not watching the very last of the movie. I admit it. I'm a chicken! The only reason I was even watching this movie is because it was Halloween and that's what I do on Halloween. Usually I watch the scary movies at Spike's house but he was too good for that this year. This year he had to go to the OU/K-State game instead. Not that I wouldn't have, given the opportunity. I had to ask Poodle (the girl I went with) how the movie ended because she actually watched it. Oh, and Spike's team lost. Ha ha!

I'm going to have to wait to give a real review of this movie. I think I'm going to have to go back and see it all the way through just to redeem myself. Or not. Anyone else want to pipe in with their opinion? Lemme know! I did appreciate that there wasn't a lot of "jump out at you" scares in the movie. I really hate those. It was almost complete suspense. The "crawling-up-on-your-seat-or-on-to-your-dates-lap-because-something-is-about-to-happen" kind of suspense. Sometimes I like that. Sometimes...not so much.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodbye Jack

You were loving and loved. You never met a person you didn't like. You licked my tears when I was sad. You cuddled with me on cold winter nights and even sometimes when it was hot outside. You waggled your tail and ran to greet me with your ears flapping in the wind when I came home. You made me laugh by howling at noon every Saturday when the sirens sounded. You flopped over on your back when I was near so I could rub your belly. You fell asleep in my arms while we were watching movies. You loved to sit in my lap when we went for rides in the car. You bounced impatiently for me to put new straw in your house and jumped in to get it settled before I was finished. You slept beneath the rosebushes with the sun shining on you. You didn't complain when you got sick. You still wagged your tail and tried to show you loved me when I got home to take care of you. You let me say "Goodbye". I love you for that even though it hurt. I will miss you, my sweet Jackie.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

What would you do to save the life of your child? If you are like most parents your answer would be, "Anything!!!" But, what if, to save this child you affected the life of another of your children. Is there a line you shouldn't cross? How far is too far? And what makes the life of one child more important than that of the others? These are just a few of the questions brought up in "My Sister's Keeper".

I usually take notes during the movies so I'll remember what I might want to use in my blog but I got so caught up in MSK that I hardly wrote anything at all. This was a very thought provoking movie. At times I wanted to question the sanity of the whole deal. Ponder this...one of your children is dying of Cancer so you genetically engineer another child for spare parts. It's kind of scary to think about.

Sara, the mom, played by Cameron Diaz, gained my sympathy because of her devotion to her terminally ill daughter Kate, while at the same time earning my loathing because of her treatment of her younger daughter, Anna (the spare part kid). She doesn't show any kind of affection toward Anna until the end of the movie. It leads me to wonder, if this were reality, would Anna ever be able to forgive Sara for not only creating her for a specific purpose but then, on top of everything else, making it so painfully obvious that she is not the cherished one? When Sara slaps Anna I was so wanting someone to step in but it never happened.

I usually go on and on about the different actors at this point but I don't want to stray too far from the film itself. I'll make it quick. I want to see Joan Cusack in more dramas/dramedies. I really hurt for her in this film. Jason Patric did a really good job as the dad. I especially liked him in the beach scene. The actors who played the siblings, Abigail Breslin (Anna), Sofia Vassilieva (Kate) and Evan Ellingson (Jesse) were incredibly believable. And I believe that everyone should have a Taylor (played by Thomas Dekker) in their life.

I would suggest against parents taking young children to this movie. Not only is there quite a bit of cussing but it's just too mature a subject for them. I agree with the PG-13 rating in most instances. PT is only 11 but Armat took her to see MSK. Do I disagree with her decision? Not at all. She knows what her daughter can handle and wouldn't have taken her if it would have affected her more than you would normally expect. I think that makes sense. I would like to add that it felt like things were missing from this movie. At one point it's mentioned that the brother turns his life around but we never saw him do anything really bad except come home late. He seemed to ride public transportation a lot but we never see where he goes.

I'm not quite sure how to recommend this movie. Is it a good idea for a date? Sure, if you don't mind blubbering all over your partner for the evening. I went by myself, as usual, and was glad I did. I came really close to being a complete mess. It did make me question, though, what I would do. Could I love a child so much that I would bring another into this world just to save them? Would I be okay with consigning the "spare part" child to a half-life in which a lot of their decisions/actions would have to be weighed as to how is would affect the beloved child? Could I really love a child I saw as the salvation of their sibling and still let/make them give up any chance at a normal childhood? I wanted so badly to judge the mom in this movie but how can I? I don't have children of my own and until I do I have no real idea the extent to which I, as a mother, might go. I do know what I would do for PT and that tells me a lot.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carol Sue

Her middle name isn't really Sue but her first name is Carol. She is one of my friends from work, she has a wicked sense of humor, she is very kind and she loves loves LOVES to make cool looking cakes and cupcakes. I got on the super decorated food kick a little after she did. The difference is she actually does something about it. I mainly sit back and partake.

I won't be posting many blogs with food that other people have made but I couldn't pass this up. Carol Sue made this cake for our boss's birthday and it turned out wicked cool, man. I believe she said that it's a chocolate/chocolate chip cake. Yummy. I forgot to ask what kind of icing she used. My bad. She was, however, freaking out on the phone last night when I called her. Apparently she had a little difficulty dying the candy coating black. Can you tell? I think not. And now, for the unveiling. Drum roll please....


The Proposal

I'm curious as to whether the director and writer of this movie ever saw another Sandra Bullock film called "While You Were Sleeping" and if not, why she herself didn't mention that she'd already played the I-lost-my-family-and-now-I'm-touched-because-yours-is-welcoming-me-with-open-arms role. I guess it just didn't come up. Aside from this obvious lack in forethought and the fact that at times it felt like something was missing this is still a pretty good movie. I would definitely recommend it for a date night. There's a little something for everyone.

It's basically about an overbearing (and that is way under-exaggerated) boss who is going to be deported back to Canada so she forces her assistant to marry her. As you can imagine everything goes downhill from there. It's fun and painful to watch the story unfold. I only had one complete ewwwwwwwww! moment when the stripper showed up (in the movie, not the theater). I've seen that guy in something else but I can't think of what. Oh wait. I just looked him up on imdb. He was on Reno 911! I cringed through the entire strip scene. To any of my friends who even consider getting me a stripper if I ever manage to get married again...please please please let him be in much MUCH better shape than this guy was. Please? Oh, and...don't get me a stripper. Thank you.

Because the ending is pretty much a no-brainer even if you've only seen the previews I feel safe saying that I am just NOT a firm believer in people falling in love in JUST 3 DAYS!!! I mean, come on people! I could possibly see it from his point of view since he'd been her assistant for 3 years. He knew almost everything about her especially the fact that she is a complete and total jerk. Then of course she mellows out around his family so he gets to see her softer side - in more ways than one - so he falls in love. I'm cool with that. But her? Give me a break!

Now, as far as the actors go I LOVE Sandra Bullock. She is pretty, she is funny and she's talented. Darn her. She plays hateful well. I especially liked her scenes with the dog. And that whole full-frontal thing they keep mentioning? All the important parts stay covered. The film crew got to see way more than we do. Same goes for Ryan Reynolds who I am free to love being as I'm a girl and all. As I mentioned in my "Wolverine" review I think he is just a pretty pretty man. And I mean that in the most masculine way possible. It still cracks me up that he strips down while he's standing on his balcony. I want a house by the water in the middle of nowhere so I can do that. Oh wait. I probably still wouldn't do that. There are some things nature just does not need to see. Anyway, back to Ryan. Sigh. Enough said.

Playing Ryan's parents are Mary Steenburgen and Craig T. Nelson. Kudos again to the casting director. The only thing I didn't like was that Craig's character was not very nice. I've liked him since he was on "Coach". And Betty White was a wonderful Gammy. If you don't guess what she's doing during the airplane scene you need to stop and wonder a few things about yourself. Of course, if you read this before you see it you'll figure it out a lot quicker (more quickly? most quickest?).

It did earn it's PG-13 rating so parents may want to consider before taking their kids to see it. While the full-frontal isn't really it doesn't leave much to the imagination. We did discover that both Ryan and Sandra are in REALLY good shape. I tend to like Sandra Bullock movies - except "Forces of Nature" - so it's not surprising I liked this one too. And, if you're like me, you'll want to punch Mr. Gilbertson in the face during the wedding scene. You'll see what I mean.

Oh, and another shout out to three women who need to borrow a clue. Believe it or not you were NOT the only people in the theater last night. Not all of us wanted to share your conversation throughout the movie. Neither did we want to listen to your foot stomping when something was funny nor the constant crinkling when you were getting in to whatever you were eating. And I would especially like to thank you for the view of your backsides when you stood up. No, they didn't moon me. There was just too much of them and too little clothing. I promise I'll do better from now on about being cranky regarding other theater patrons. Or I'll just keep it to myself. Probably the wiser choice.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I liked this movie. Almost as much as I'd hoped I would. The list of animators was about a mile long and they earned every penny they made. I hope they earned a lot of pennies. I saw the first Transformers movie with Popcorn Toes and we couldn't stop talking about it for the longest time. Of course, part of that was due to the fact that she is a kid and easily more impressed than most adults would be. I really enjoy watching movies with her. Mainly so I can see or hear the myriad of reactions she displays. That is a show in and of itself.

But enough about PT. We're hear to talk cars. Talking cars. Transforming cars. Cars that totally kick Decepticon butt! Did I mention cars? Just checking. This starts in 14,000 B.C. and shows humans fighting the original Transformers. Those savage transformers are just cool. Sadly, some of them are also the bad guys. Dang. But, you can't have a kick butt action movie without a few bad guys. It just doesn't make sense for the good guys to be fighting each other all the time. Gets confusing. My two favorite bad guys were Megatron and Fallen. I just found out that Hugo Weaving did the voice for Megatron. Let me just tell what a huge fan of his I am. Okay, maybe not. I don't have that much time. I'll just leave you with this...The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta. OMG!!!

Now, as for the good guys. I like 'em all. Even the Twins (Mudflap and Skids). They were hi-larious!!! And I thought the girl motorcycles were cool too (Arcee). Bumblebee and Optimus Prime were my all-around favorites, though. Optimus rocks! He was cool at beginning of the movie but when he gets stuff added on (I don't want to ruin it for you) he is "Awesome baby, with a capital A!" I want one! And a Bumblebee too. I like people who talk using songs. I myself tend to do that on occasion. I wonder what the insurance would run me on these two guys/cars. Yikes! I can't say too much else about them without major spoilers so I'll just say that they are awesome and you need to see this movie. So there.

The F/X were so cool. It always amazes me that they can blow up cities and aircraft carriers and such and none of it is really real. I think that makes sense. Poor Paris got picked on again. Not Paris Hilton...Paris, France. Pick on the former all you want. I don't mind. In how many movies does Paris get blown up? Manhattan is another favorite to be destroyed, it seems. Have you ever noticed that small cities almost never get blown up? Why? Because no one would care. But, that's not important right now.

As amazing as the F/X were I am so disappointed in the editor and whoever else should have been paying attention. I mean, if I can pick out the mistakes you'd think the person whose job it is to fix said mistakes would notice them also. Hollywood seems to love their characters coming through ordeals unscathed. In this movie alone our main characters are dropped from a few stories high while they are in a car and walk away with no injuries. Yes, they had airbags but how many of you out there who've had their airbags deployed walked away without at least a burn or two? Hmmm? Hmmm? And later, two of these characters are being chased around busted up homes in Egypt and end up falling off the second floor of a home and have stuff flying around them and they get up without a scratch. And before they fell they were running along the tops of houses while things were blowing up around them. At one point the dust and debris is so thick you can barely see them. Any cuts this time? Nope! SPOILER ALERT!!! The only marks we see are when one of the characters almost dies because of an explosion. They get burned and cut and even limp a little after. But! They don't act hurt when people run up and hug on them. Come on now!!! Oh and the little bit where a windshield gets majorly busted but in a shot a few seconds later there are just a couple of holes? I need a job in Hollywood. I think I could do better. I'm just saying...

As for the parts I could have done without. There was a bit of cussing that could have been left out altogether. I understand when you're getting blown up that you might let something fly but otherwise...use your words, people!!! I also could have done without all the testicle references. This movie was definitely made by boys. Women just don't find the need to mention that particular body part very often. And what I really, REALLY could have done without was seeing John Turturro's butt. Was that necessary? Eminem, I feel your pain. Well almost. It wasn't actually in my face so there is a bit of a difference.

I would like to shake the hand of the casting director. Good job, you! Shia LaBeouf was excellent again as the main character. He should have felt right at home as this was an Indiana Jones meets Independence Day meets Herbie kind of movie. Yes, I know he wasn't in the other two. Work with me here, people! Megan Fox returns as his girlfriend Mikaela. Why has she only been in two movies? If I were a guy I'd think she's hot! Okay, I'm a girl and I think she's hot. You got a problem wit dat? I still don't think that Shia's character would ever end up with Megan's character. I mean, he's not a rock star or anything. And many, many, MANY thanks to the casting director for including Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. The women of the world (or at least America) thank you.

Aside from the mush scenes that were obviously added to draw in the female audience - which is stupid because a lot of women will watch an action movie just for the...well, action - I really like this movie. Now, as for the movie experience...the man behind me FELL ASLEEP!!! Dude, if you're that tired stay home and go to bed. Things are exploding and this man is snoring!!! And not softly either. People from several rows around us were getting annoyed. And, I went to the 9:00 P.M. showing and there were quite a few kids there. First, don't bring your kids to late movies. They need to be in bed. Second, this really should be a watch-before-you-let-your-kids-see-it kind of movie (mainly for the language and testicle references). And finally, a big shout out goes to the two...ahem...lovely people who stayed for the credits (as did I) and then talked at the top of their voices through all the music. Oh, and they moved down a couple of seats away from me to do it. What is the point? Go home and talk! I don't usually stay through the credits but I just had to this time. The music was awesome! I am so getting the soundtrack!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera (Rated R)

If you're in to twisted movies AND musicals then this is the film for you! I saw the synopsis for it on Netflix and then saw the preview before another movie I rented and it looked kind of interesting. In a creepy sort of way. The closest thing I can compare it to is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and that doesn't hold a candle to "Repo!"

"In the year 2056 - the not so distant future - an epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet." (Lionsgate on imdb) A company called GeneCo emerges offering organ transplants. GeneCo is ever so kind in allowing people to set up payment plans for the organs. But! If even one payment is missed Repo Men are sent out to bring back the organs. The other part of the story is about a girl named Shiloh who is suffering from a mysterious disease for which she is trying to find the cure.

As I've mentioned before, I am NOT a big fan of horror/slasher flicks. This one didn't affect me as strongly as other horror films have. I think the surrealism of hearing people sing while they rip peoples innards out helped with the gag factor. And they show you the innards too. You don't just get to imagine what is happening. Blech!

Spoiler Alert!!! One thing that bothered me about this movie (when so much more should have) is that the "good" guy never finds out that he wasn't the one who poisoned his wife. In most movies, if the good guy thinks he did something that the bad guy really did, at some point he finds out. This is usually where the good guy beats the stuffing out of the bad guy. Not so in this movie, dang it.

I really liked the costuming and scenery in this. Spike liked the Genterns uniforms. A lot! But then, he is a boy, so this is to be expected. The city reminded me of the computer game "Syndicate". The attention to detail was amazing. And even though the lyrics in some instances are a tad...off shall we say, I wouldn't mind getting the soundtrack for this. As an ex music major it's so impressive to hear some of the things composers come up with. My favorite is when two characters are singing at each other and it's just like a regular conversation where both people are talking at the same time. That's just cool.

I only didn't like two actors in this movie. The first isn't an actor at all. She is Paris Hilton and no one really knows how to classify her. Oh wait. Yes, I do. But I choose not to be that mean. For now. I still have no idea why she's famous. The other is Bill Moseley who plays the part of Luigi Largo. All he does is yell a lot. He was more annoying than entertaining.

Alexa Vega plays the main character, Shiloh. I though she looked familiar but I just couldn't place her. So, when the movie was over I imdb'd her. She is the girl from Spy Kids. I found out that she sings some of the songs for the Spy Kids movies and she does her own singing for Repo! Actually, I think everyone did which was not always fortunate. Not only is Alexa a good actor but she's got a good set of pipes too.

Anthony Stewart Head (or Tony Stew Head as I like to call him) plays Shiloh's dad. I've come to like him as the librarian/vampire slayer trainer on the Buffy series. When I saw the previews for Repo! he was the main reason I wanted to see the movie. He's so uptight in Buffy that I thought it would be cool to see him otherwise. He's still a bit uptight in Repo! but he does it to music! And the man can sing!!!

There are several other characters I could talk about but this would end up being too long. I thought Grave-Robber was pretty good looking in an odd sort of way but the other character that I really liked was Blind Mag. This part was played by Sarah Brightman. If you don't know who she is, well I'm sorry. She was the original Christine in "Phantom of the Opera". She's got several albums out and has an amazing voice. In Repo! she has an eye transplant but these aren't ordinary eyes. They're way cooler than that. They project holograms. I'm kind of curious how she gets them to do this. Does it show her memories? Are they preprogrammed? I need to know!!!

If you can stomach (no pun intended) organs being ripped out of bodies and syringes being stuck up corpses noses (to pull out a drug called Zydrate) and enjoy a good musical then you should give Repo! The Genetic Opera a try. I think it's one of the best Rock Operas. But parents, I would strongly recommend against letting your children see it. Yikes!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seafood Pasta Salad

Finally! A meal to go with your movies. This is one of my favorite summer meals. Spike and I have made it on several occasions. He found the recipe in one of his cookbooks and sticks to the exact measurements. I stuck to the measurements the first time and then decided I liked doing it better my way. Spike does not appreciate this. But now, without further ado...Seafood Pasta Salad!

Imitation krab meat, grated cheddar cheese, colorful twist pasta, bell peppers, celery and ranch dressing

You can wait until your pasta is cooking to cut up your veggies which is what I usually do but last night I cut them while the water was boiling. I used 1/2 red, 1/2 orange and 1/2 yellow bell pepper along with one large celery stalk. You can use just one type of pepper if you want. I just really like the different colors.

And since my veggies were already cut before the water had even started to boil I had some time on my hands. You can do whatever you'd like during this time - read a book, make some phone calls, paint your nails - or you can do what I did. First, you can empty the dishwasher. Then, you can go out to the garage to get your little green portable fan to set on the counter while you're cooking because you don't want to turn your a/c on yet and it's stinkin' hot in the kitchen right now. When you go out to the garage to get said fan you can hear your puppy dog's tail hitting the side of his house because he knows you're right on the other side of the door and that makes him happy. You can remember that you need to change out the straw in his house so you stop to do that. Please pet him while you're out there. He needs a little attention. So, you put the straw in his house and he jumps over the side and settles in before you put the top back on. He's so cute that you have to go get your camera and take a picture (I forgot to use the red eye remover...forgive me). Oh man! I just noticed the weeds in the background. Please pretend that my back yard is beautifully manicured. I will feel much better.

Then you put the top back on his house and go back inside. Please wash your hands because dog hair and straw probably don't go well with Seafood Pasta Salad. The water should be boiling now so go ahead and dump in the bag of pasta. The pasta doesn't necessarily have to be the colored kind but I'm all about bright, happy food. You now have ten minutes to waste. At this point you can go out to the garage to get your little green portable fan to set on the counter while you're cooking because you don't want to turn your a/c on yet and it's stinkin' hot in the kitchen right now. Apparently the puppy dog got you sidetracked earlier. It's a vicious cycle. This is why it takes me forever to clean my house. Sad, but true.

Drain the pasta and go ahead and run some cold water over it. This won't hurt anything as you're going to put it in the fridge (or freezer if you're hungry and don't feel like waiting) for a while. Trust me, come midsummer you'll want cold pasta as opposed to it's warmer cousin, Fred.

Put the pasta in your serving bowl and add the ranch dressing. Boy, doesn't that look healthy. I used 1 cup for this recipe because I like it to just coat the noodles. If you'd like yours a tad creamier then add more. I won't judge.

Next comes the cheese. Can you feel your arteries hardening? I put in 1 1/2 cups using my cool new measuring cup from Pier 1. You can see it in the first pic. I like it a lot. I'm a cheese freak so you can tone it down or add more. It's up to you. Mix all this together and then add your veggies and imitation krab meat (I used 1 lb.). I wonder where imitation krab comes from. Any ideas? Oh, I guess I should recommend cutting up the krab. Unless you like big chunks. Then leave it. When you're finished you should have something resembling this (minus the creepy hand). This makes about 8 servings.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

A baby is screaming. The gentleman in front of me actually stopped his car and got out to make sure he left me plenty of room to lower the tailgate if I so choose. A couple of cars over some teenagers are acting like Beavis and Butthead. Kids are playing football in the aisles. People are sitting on lawn chairs, on top of vehicles or, like me, on a mattress in the bed of my friend's pick-up. Someone just pulled a futon mattress out the back of their sports car so they could lean part of it against the back of the car and still have plenty to sit on comfortably. Such is an evening at the drive-in.

I eagerly await the opening of Winchester Drive-In every Spring. I found out today that it's one of only seven drive-ins in Oklahoma and the only one in OKC. Why are drive-ins dying out? Where else can you pay $6 per person ($3 for kids, 2 and under free) to watch up to 3 movies? I went to a really cool drive-in in Denver a couple years ago with my parents but it has since closed. How sad. I wonder if the people next to me realize their parking lights are on? Oh wait...they figured it out. By the way, please ignore the tin-foil wrapped radio antenna. My radio/CD player may be new but apparently it's still old school.

It's the perfect night for a movie or three. Just a few wisps of clouds float in the sky. I laid directly under the big dipper. Spike would appreciate the humor in that. As for the rest of you it's just a wasted inside joke. There are only a couple of things I don't like about drive-ins...bugs and airplanes. Oh, I forgot....smokers. Gag! Right before the second movie a couple of geniuses decided to back their car in to the spot caddy-corner from me. This normally wouldn't catch my attention but the passenger, instead of getting out and directing the driver that way, decided to open his door and hang out of the car to give instructions. It wouldn't have been quite so funny if the goober wasn't having so much trouble staying in the car and keeping the door from swinging all the way open while he was doing it. Intelligence at it's best ladies and germs.

I went to the drive-in to watch two movies...Night at the Museum and Wolverine (again). Night at the Museum was okay. It definitely wasn't as good as the original but I still wouldn't mind seeing it a second time. In how many other movies can you see Custer, Amelia Earhart, Teddy Roosevelt, The Thinker, Einstein, Darth Vader, Oscar the Grouch, Ivan the Terrible (properly translated in his country as Ivan the Awesome), Napoleon, Al Capone, Abraham Lincoln, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Wright Brothers, American Gothic couple, Attila the Hun, George Foreman, etc...?

I loved the special affects (effects?). I think it's especially cool when they make normal-sized people look really tiny. Owen Wilson's character Jedediah Smith was seen climbing through a small rust hole, was later seen on the swing of a bird cage and finally ended up stuffed in to an hourglass. But, I think my most favoritest effect (affect?) was the giant doggie balloon animal that was bouncing all over the place. I want one!!!

My favorite actors in this are Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah (half god, once removed, on his mother's side) and Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart. I would see pretty much any movie either of them are in so it helped that this movie was also worth watching. I would recommend going to the theater to see this only because the affects (effects?) just aren't as good on a TV. Well, unless your TV is wall sized.

Okay, I just found out on imdb that Hank also played The Thinker and Abe Lincoln in this movie. See why I like him? He's so versatile. A lot of the jokes are aimed at adults but there are a few funnies for the kids too. I just didn't hear a lot of the kids around me laughing during the movie. Maybe they were otherwise occupied. Who knows?

I've decided to do away with my breakdown of the movies. I'll still let you know about the cussing, violence, etc. but I'll string it throughout the posts. I think the only thing in this movie that would possibly scare small children is the octopus but you find out later that it's actually nice so you can reassure your kids early on. Oh! And I promise to figure out which is correct...effects or affects. I've always had trouble with those two.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight - Take Two

So, Armat broke down this weekend and let PT watch Twilight. Armat had neither read the book nor seen the movie so she kept asking PT questions about what she knew from reading the book. Thus, she missed important parts of the movie. Goob. I say that with love. Or laughter. Take your pick. Following is Armat's opinion of the movie. I'll add PT's later. So without further ado....

I have not read the book, nor was I a fan to begin with. I only watched in order to make sure it was okay for my daughter, PT. Why is Bella so depressed/depressing? I know her family is split, but come on now. Can't we turn that frown upside down? Did the writers really put in all the huffing and puffing she does at the beginning of every single line? The entire first half of this movie made me think of Kirk's debut film on Gilmore Girls. The lines are short and almost matter of fact. "Do you wear contacts?" "No." He leaves. Come on now. I know they are trying to hide they're feelings, but it's just too simple. All the spoken lines are very abrupt, but then the scenes with the music playing and they are talking, they are chatting up a storm. Must be a vampire thing that they can only open up and talk when music is covering up all the words. Overall it's a cute movie. Reality is not so real. First of all it's vampires, second she trusts him completely with what little she knows of him, and third he has total self control. The third one is the kicker. One last bashing of the movie before I move on to what stuck in my mind. How did James get her cell number? Is that his vampire ability, to know everyone's numbers? Hmmm.

Okay, the good stuff. Even though I think it's funny they portray a 17-year-old dude to have full control of his desires, I do like the sweet sincerety of him revealing he's watched her sleep for 2 months. Considering her trust in him and the whole freakish abilities of vampires which should scare her to death, it was an "Aww!" moment that he did adore her and wouldn't hurt her even when she was out cold and had not a clue. And the final scene when he so gently kissed her (I knew that was coming). How stinking cute!

Will I read the books now? Yes, even though I already know what happens because I've asked everyone whose read the books to tell me all the details. Did I ask my daughter questions throughout the entire movie? Yes and she didn't mind. She even loved it that, due to my vocal box being warmed up ready for another question, one part of the movie made me scream. Am I hooked on yet another tween fad? Absolutely. I think we all like when the bad, mysterious boy turns out to be the good guy only we know about.

PT asked me who I thought was cute in the movie. I think Edward nailed the whole bad boy thing, with a cute humorous twist. PT has posters of him on her wall and I don't think he's physically cute, but I think his character really did it for me.

Do I give it a grade now? My adult mind says "I guess I'll give it a B." My remembering my tween years mind says, "Like, oh my gosh, he was so cute and I loved it and I just can't wait 'til the next one comes out. A-."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I went to the theater this past Sunday and watched two prequels. Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I saw ST first and kind of wished I hadn't already bought my ticket for Wolverine. Don't get me wrong. I wanted to see Wolverine as I've loved the X-Men since I watched the animated series on Saturday mornings long, long ago. I just wasn't sure how good it was going to seem right after watching ST. My worries were unfounded as it completely held its own and drew me in just as quickly as ST had.

While the opening scene the movie folks chose was definitely a good way to begin the flick, it was a bit confusing. It never explains what events led to the brothers being raised in different homes. Maybe this is something we're already supposed to know. Moving on...I really liked how they used the war scenes during the opening credits. The brothers take us from the American Civil War to the Vietnam War, hitting all the U.S. aided wars in between. They even go before a firing squad (with predictable results) which draws the attention of Stryker and really begins the story.

This film wasn't as flashy as the other X-men movies but didn't really need to be. I like that they showed the relationship of the brothers and how they came to be enemies. The one really cheesy part, for me, was when Kayla, Logan's girlfriend, tells him the story of why the moon is lonely. The story just screamed foreshadowing. It almost made me question the fact that Logan didn't get some kind of hint from it. But, this is a movie and just another case of the audience knowing what was happening before the character did.

I didn't like the ending of the movie. Not because of the way it was filmed but because of how it ended for Logan and Kayla. If you know anything at all about X-Men you already know that everyone does NOT live happily ever after. It made me want to watch the first three movies again so I'd be reminded that things do get better for our hero.

I saw Hugh Jackman for the first time in the original X-Men movie and he keeps getting better and better with each new film. By the way, thank you movie people for allowing us to see more of Hugh in this movie. And I don't mean screen time either. No full frontal nudity was shown but they came awfully close to it.

Liev Schrieber did such a good job as Victor/Sabretooth that I almost wish he had been playing the part in the other three movies. Tyler Mane did a noteworthy job but I do think I prefer Liev. It just dawned on me that he and Hugh were also in "Kate and Leopold" together. How cool is that? If you prefer action movies...not very. One of the other confusing moments in the film concerned Sabretooth. Stryker tells Victor that he wouldn't survive the adamantium procedure but never explains why. Curses!

When I read that Taylor Kitsch would be playing the part of Gambit and then saw pictures of him I was a bit disappointed. Inasmuch as a person can be in love with an animated character I was in love with Gambit for years. While Taylor is good looking he's just not Remy LeBeau. Then I thought that if he got the accent right I could at least enjoy listening to him. Not so much. I heard Cajun here and there but from what I was hearing he could have been from Texas or Oklahoma and I already hear those accents all the time.

The other characters I did like were Wade Wilson/Deadpool and David North/Agent Zero played by Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Henney respectively. I have a couple things to say about Ryan Reynolds. You go Scarlett Johansson...and what were you thinking Alanis Morissette? I've liked Ryan since Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. He's funny and he's stinkin' good looking. Who could ask for more? Ryan was involved in yet another confusing moment for me. Maybe I need to go back and read the Marvel "comics". Ryan plays the part of Wade Wilson who will become Deadpool but is also referred to as Weapon XI. But! According to imdb Weapon XI is played by Scott Adkins. Someone please explain to me why Ryan didn't play this changed character also and why they have so many stinkin' names. As for Daniel Henney, I hope to see him in many more movies. He was most definitely not difficult to watch.


Sex - None. As mentioned before Wolverine is nekkid in this movie but manages to keep the important parts out of view.

Violence - Yes. And lots of it. I was okay with the war violence in that that's what happens during a war. However, I did not care much for the senseless murders in the village but neither did Logan. As these murders are an integral part of the story they should be included. I'll just forward past that part when I get the DVD.

Language - Not bad at all. No F-bombs and most of the cussing was limited to one scene.

Drugs - No

Alcohol - Bar scene. Not much at all.

Despite the confusion throughout I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie and will probably watch it again...and again and again. Maybe the DVD extras will enlighten us. Be sure you watch through the end of the credits. I keep forgetting about bonus scenes on movies now. Apparently I walked out before this one. Grrr!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek

As a big fan of the "Star Trek" franchise I was bit excited to see this latest installment. Not so excited that I stood in line for the opening. I'm very rarely that ready to see a movie. Sorry, Star Trek. I am happy to say, though, that my enthusiasm was not misplaced. I was ready to have so many questions answered by this prequel. Was Spok always so logical? Were Uhura's skirts always so short? Was Scotty a hotty when he was younger? Did Cap'n Kirk always...talk...like this?

This movie grabbed my attention from the get-go and held it until the ending credits. I want to go see it again...right now. But, I don't think my boss would appreciate that. Cussing was kept to a minimum with not an F-bomb in sight. Always a good thing. The closest they came to nudity was a make-out scene and both people had their unders on. There was, of course, violence but no gore. The worst part for me was Kirk's face after he got in a brawl.

I only disliked one of the characters in this film and that's just because I decided years ago that I didn't care much for this actress (I'll mention her in a bit) and I have had trouble tolerating her since. Chris Pine who played James Tiberius Kirk did a wonderful job. I've liked him since he played the part of Prince Nicholas in "Princess Diaries 2". He's a very good actor and most definitely stayed away from the ugly tree when he was growing up. I think I enjoyed Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy) the most. I didn't realize until I looked him up on www.imdb.com that he played the part of Eomer in the second two of the "Lord of the Rings" series. Loved him in that and love him in this. He's just all kinds of good looking. And he's older than me so that's even better. Yes, I realize that that's not in any way, shape or form relevant but there you go. Nyota Uhura was played by Zoe Saldana who I've liked since seeing her in "Center Stage" and "Guess Who". She got to act more grown up in "Star Trek" than she's been allowed to in the past. And I think her skirt may have been a tad longer than Nichelle Nichols' (the original Uhura) was. Maybe not.

John Cho did an excellent job as Hikaru Sulu but I just couldn't get him out of my head as MILF boy from the American Pie movies. Nearly ruined his character for me...but not quite. Anton Yelchin who played Pavel Chekov looked to be in his early teens though according to imdb he's twenty. I was very glad someone on the crew made a comment about his age. We find out his character is 17 in the movie. You go Chekov! Scotty was played by Simon Pegg. I'd never seen him in any movies before but recognized him from the previews a few years ago of "Shaun of the Dead". While not drop-dead gorgeous he is kind of boyishly cute. He did a great job as Scotty. I was so ready to hear "She's breaking apart Captain!"

I've recently watched the entire "Felicity" series (as rented from Netflix) and loved the Meghan character. Since then I've seen Amanda Foreman (Meghan) on the TV show Private Practice as a disturbed woman who is currently in the act of stealing one of the pregnant doctor's baby - from her womb! I think this will actually be showing this Thursday. Anyway, I digress. She has one line in this movie and I wish she had more. As for the actress I don't much care for the winner is...Winona Ryder. Yup, that's right. She's in this movie and plays Spok's mom. She didn't really look like herself for the most part (except maybe her mouth) but I still instantly disliked her. Don't hate me for it. I just don't like her. I can't help it. But, having Leonard Nimoy in this film more than made up for this one discrepancy. He did a phenomenal job, as always.

I've got to figure out a way to shorten my opinions on the characters. Or not.


Sex - None. Make-out scene as mentioned above and that's pretty much it.

Violence - Please don't make me answer this. It's "Star Trek".

Language - Not much at all. Very impressed with the writers that they decided their vocabulary was much better than that.

Drugs - None

Alcohol - A bar scene.

I would recommend this movie to anyone. Even PT. If she wasn't grounded from PG-13 movies right now her mom would probably take her to see it. Long story. And you wouldn't find it very interesting as you don't know her. Well, most of you don't. This is definitely a worthy addition to the Star Trek franchise and I still hope to see more. And to answer the rest of my original questions. Spok was NOT always so logical and Cap'n Kirk did not...always...talk...like this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My friend Spike (no, not his real name) and I went to see this movie last night. I happen to like documentaries so I was prepared for this to be a good experience...and it was. Its G rating held true. Please be warned that it does show animal attacks but only to the point of the take-down. No blood was shown in this movie. Also, while it doesn't show dead animals it does tell the story of what happens when animals can't get to food or water or they get separated from the herd. Being an animal lover myself it was a bit distressing. Yes, I do understand that hunters (animals in this case, not human) exist and other animals are their means of survival. That doesn't mean I'm okay with watching baby animals or elephants (my favorite animal in the whole, wide world) as they are about to become another animals' dinner.

Aside from the whole predator/prey thing I really liked this movie. We discovered that walruses can get really, REALLY big! Baby ducks (ducklings to you technical people out there) recover quickly from crash landings. Penguins are really fun to watch. Some whales may be really ugly but it's interesting to see how they eat and communicate (not necessarily in that order). Some cameramen are scared of heights but will go up in hot air balloons anyway...and finally, after knowing him for close to 7 years I discovered that Spike sometimes snorts when he laughs. I know that really wasn't in the movie but the movie caused it.

After the movie Spike said that everyone should have to watch this movie if for no other reason than to see the harm we're causing the planet. I just think it's a good movie in general. Just be prepared that it's not all butterflies and rainbows. But the Birds of Paradise alone definitely make it worth seeing. Crazy fellas.

I promise I'll cook something soon and put some food on the site. I've been sick and sticking to soup and crackers the past week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Moon

I just went to www.people.com to "Meet the Wolf Pack of New Moon" and all I can say is...Oh my!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Twilight (PG-13/122 Min.)


This is the bone of contention between Popcorn Toes (PT) and Armat. I wish I could tell PT that the movie isn't very good at all and convince her that she's not really missing anything but I can't. I liked this movie. I've seen it three times already. Two of those times in one weekend. For the few people, including my immediate and most of my extended family, who have not seen the movie - or read the book - following is the summary as given on Amazon.com:

"The big-screen adaptation of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer's bestselling vampire romance, is aimed squarely at its key demographic: teen girls whose idea of Prince Charming is a brooding, pale, undead teen who could kill you instantly at any moment. Such a prince is more fascinating than frightening to new girl Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), who moves to the rainy-gray town of Forks, Wash., to live with her dad (Billy Burke), the local sheriff who's puzzled by a series of "animal attacks." On her first day at school, Bella appears to (visibly) nauseate her lab partner, Edward (Robert Pattinson). Turns out the scent of her blood is this vampire's "brand of heroin," and his struggle not to kill her causes an irresistible pull toward her. Whether he's attracted for the normal reasons or because she smells especially sweet to him is vague in the book and even less clear on-screen; nonetheless, Bella falls hopelessly in love with Edward, which sets her on a dangerous path when a few nomad vampires show up in town, one particularly keen on tracking the human."

I've read the entire series and, as most often happens, I preferred the book over the movie. I liked Robert Pattinson (Edward) more as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies although he did a pretty good job here. He's just not who I pictured as being an Edward. A few weeks ago PT would have been outraged to hear that. She's seen movie pics of Twilight and thought he was way "hotter" (her words not mine) in Twilight. She recently saw an interview with him and changed her mind. Something about bad hygiene. Tweens are so fickle.

I also thought Kristen Stewart (Bella) did well. She did seem to mumble quite a bit though. I bet she drives lip readers crazy. She is very close, though, to what I pictured a Bella would be. I've been a fan of Elizabeth Reaser - who plays the part of Edward's foster mom, Esme - since I saw her in "The Family Stone". She doesn't have many lines in either movie and that's a shame. Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) didn't get enough screen time for my tastes either. An important part of the hotel scene involving Jasper didn't make the transition from the book to the big screen. Peter Facinelli - Carlisle, Edward's foster father - is just a pretty, pretty man. Oh sorry. Men aren't pretty...they're "hot!" We definitely need more of him in the second movie. And finally, Cam Gigandet (pronounced Ji-GON-day according to imdb.com) who plays the part of the villain, James...all I can say is, "Oh my!"


Sex - None. But it does show major kissing in Bella's bed

Violence - Well, duh. It's a vampire movie. Not much blood though and no gore.

Language - I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't pay as much attention as I knew PT wasn't going to be allowed to see this movie. I don't remember there being much if any.

Drugs - No. Heroine is mentioned but only as a metaphor (or is it a simile? I need to take an English class again).

Alcohol - Not much. Bella's dad drinks Rainier Beer in several scenes. As I watched the Special Features on the DVD I found out that this is referred to as Vitamin R. Who knew?

If you haven't read the books or seen the movie I would recommend the movie first, but either choice is entertaining. I still agree with Armat, though. PT should be a little older before she sees it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food and Film. Two of my favorite things!

I've been surfing the foodie blogs religiously lately and have decided to jump on the bandwagon. Everything looks so wonderful! As I usually only have myself to cook for I'll be starting out small. Most everything I make leans toward the comfort food category; things like Green Chile Casserole, Potato Soup and Chicken & Dumplings.

What should make this really interesting for me is that I'm starting a diet AND a food blog at the same time. Apparently some wires got crossed somewhere.

I will eventually have a list of my favorite foodie blogs on the sidebar. Right now the three I read most (okay, I pretty much check them every day) are Honeyed Hashette, Bakerella and The Pioneer Woman. I also like The Repressed Pasty Chef though I don't read it as often (Sorry Repressed!!!) I apologize for not including links. I haven't figured out how to do that and I don't have the time right now.

I am also really in to movies. So much so that Netflix is not profiting much off me. I've decided that Netflix is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. Granted, unless it's home made, I've always had access to sliced bread, but you get the picture. My sister (a.k.a. Armat) informed me the other day that I have passed the "Movie Freak" trait on to my niece (affectionately known by her mom as Popcorn Toes). Who knew genes travelled diagonally?

I'll be sharing with you the movies I've seen lately along with an opinion...or five. Because of my and my sister's concerns regarding the movies PT watches I'll also include a breakdown of the movie by language, violence, sex, drugs and alcohol. I didn't use to pay close attention to those things because PT was so young and it was a no-brainer what she could and couldn't watch. This year PT, along with 3 of her cousins, will be turning twelve. I don't have kids of my own but even I know that the age of twelve is when you really start to become "too big for your britches."

Right now the big conflict between Armat and PT is the movie "Twilight". SPOILER ALERT (sortta) I realize that the author had young teens in mind when she wrote the book but there are a couple things I have issues with as far as the movie is concerned. First, the bedroom scenes. Yes, I realize the most that happens is a really good kiss but even if that's all it was I know my mom would have grounded me for life if I got caught sneaking a boy in to my bedroom. PT does NOT need this kind of encouragement. Second, I didn't think watching a vampire get part of his head eaten off by one vampire and then torn off altogether by the dainty, little female vamp would be cool for an 11-year-old. Call me old-fashioned...or any other name you think fits. I'll talk more about "Twilight" in a later blog.

I realize that not many people are going to be reading this blog but I hope that the breakdown of the movies will help them make an informed decision before allowing their children to watch a particular movie. I won't give the breakdown of movies rated R or worse unless someone specifically requests it. These don't take much thinking when it comes to children. The movie folks gave it that rating for a reason.

Feel free to request opinions on any particular movie (except slasher films...just can't stomach 'em). It doesn't take much encouragement to get me to see a new (or new to me) flick. Or you could just tell me to defenestrate myself. I just learned that word recently and it's a good one...and not as vulgar as it sounds. Go ahead. Look it up.