Thursday, April 23, 2009


My friend Spike (no, not his real name) and I went to see this movie last night. I happen to like documentaries so I was prepared for this to be a good experience...and it was. Its G rating held true. Please be warned that it does show animal attacks but only to the point of the take-down. No blood was shown in this movie. Also, while it doesn't show dead animals it does tell the story of what happens when animals can't get to food or water or they get separated from the herd. Being an animal lover myself it was a bit distressing. Yes, I do understand that hunters (animals in this case, not human) exist and other animals are their means of survival. That doesn't mean I'm okay with watching baby animals or elephants (my favorite animal in the whole, wide world) as they are about to become another animals' dinner.

Aside from the whole predator/prey thing I really liked this movie. We discovered that walruses can get really, REALLY big! Baby ducks (ducklings to you technical people out there) recover quickly from crash landings. Penguins are really fun to watch. Some whales may be really ugly but it's interesting to see how they eat and communicate (not necessarily in that order). Some cameramen are scared of heights but will go up in hot air balloons anyway...and finally, after knowing him for close to 7 years I discovered that Spike sometimes snorts when he laughs. I know that really wasn't in the movie but the movie caused it.

After the movie Spike said that everyone should have to watch this movie if for no other reason than to see the harm we're causing the planet. I just think it's a good movie in general. Just be prepared that it's not all butterflies and rainbows. But the Birds of Paradise alone definitely make it worth seeing. Crazy fellas.

I promise I'll cook something soon and put some food on the site. I've been sick and sticking to soup and crackers the past week.

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