Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food and Film. Two of my favorite things!

I've been surfing the foodie blogs religiously lately and have decided to jump on the bandwagon. Everything looks so wonderful! As I usually only have myself to cook for I'll be starting out small. Most everything I make leans toward the comfort food category; things like Green Chile Casserole, Potato Soup and Chicken & Dumplings.

What should make this really interesting for me is that I'm starting a diet AND a food blog at the same time. Apparently some wires got crossed somewhere.

I will eventually have a list of my favorite foodie blogs on the sidebar. Right now the three I read most (okay, I pretty much check them every day) are Honeyed Hashette, Bakerella and The Pioneer Woman. I also like The Repressed Pasty Chef though I don't read it as often (Sorry Repressed!!!) I apologize for not including links. I haven't figured out how to do that and I don't have the time right now.

I am also really in to movies. So much so that Netflix is not profiting much off me. I've decided that Netflix is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. Granted, unless it's home made, I've always had access to sliced bread, but you get the picture. My sister (a.k.a. Armat) informed me the other day that I have passed the "Movie Freak" trait on to my niece (affectionately known by her mom as Popcorn Toes). Who knew genes travelled diagonally?

I'll be sharing with you the movies I've seen lately along with an opinion...or five. Because of my and my sister's concerns regarding the movies PT watches I'll also include a breakdown of the movie by language, violence, sex, drugs and alcohol. I didn't use to pay close attention to those things because PT was so young and it was a no-brainer what she could and couldn't watch. This year PT, along with 3 of her cousins, will be turning twelve. I don't have kids of my own but even I know that the age of twelve is when you really start to become "too big for your britches."

Right now the big conflict between Armat and PT is the movie "Twilight". SPOILER ALERT (sortta) I realize that the author had young teens in mind when she wrote the book but there are a couple things I have issues with as far as the movie is concerned. First, the bedroom scenes. Yes, I realize the most that happens is a really good kiss but even if that's all it was I know my mom would have grounded me for life if I got caught sneaking a boy in to my bedroom. PT does NOT need this kind of encouragement. Second, I didn't think watching a vampire get part of his head eaten off by one vampire and then torn off altogether by the dainty, little female vamp would be cool for an 11-year-old. Call me old-fashioned...or any other name you think fits. I'll talk more about "Twilight" in a later blog.

I realize that not many people are going to be reading this blog but I hope that the breakdown of the movies will help them make an informed decision before allowing their children to watch a particular movie. I won't give the breakdown of movies rated R or worse unless someone specifically requests it. These don't take much thinking when it comes to children. The movie folks gave it that rating for a reason.

Feel free to request opinions on any particular movie (except slasher films...just can't stomach 'em). It doesn't take much encouragement to get me to see a new (or new to me) flick. Or you could just tell me to defenestrate myself. I just learned that word recently and it's a good one...and not as vulgar as it sounds. Go ahead. Look it up.

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Hey, this is cool and you did a great job. Who is spike?