Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

A baby is screaming. The gentleman in front of me actually stopped his car and got out to make sure he left me plenty of room to lower the tailgate if I so choose. A couple of cars over some teenagers are acting like Beavis and Butthead. Kids are playing football in the aisles. People are sitting on lawn chairs, on top of vehicles or, like me, on a mattress in the bed of my friend's pick-up. Someone just pulled a futon mattress out the back of their sports car so they could lean part of it against the back of the car and still have plenty to sit on comfortably. Such is an evening at the drive-in.

I eagerly await the opening of Winchester Drive-In every Spring. I found out today that it's one of only seven drive-ins in Oklahoma and the only one in OKC. Why are drive-ins dying out? Where else can you pay $6 per person ($3 for kids, 2 and under free) to watch up to 3 movies? I went to a really cool drive-in in Denver a couple years ago with my parents but it has since closed. How sad. I wonder if the people next to me realize their parking lights are on? Oh wait...they figured it out. By the way, please ignore the tin-foil wrapped radio antenna. My radio/CD player may be new but apparently it's still old school.

It's the perfect night for a movie or three. Just a few wisps of clouds float in the sky. I laid directly under the big dipper. Spike would appreciate the humor in that. As for the rest of you it's just a wasted inside joke. There are only a couple of things I don't like about drive-ins...bugs and airplanes. Oh, I forgot....smokers. Gag! Right before the second movie a couple of geniuses decided to back their car in to the spot caddy-corner from me. This normally wouldn't catch my attention but the passenger, instead of getting out and directing the driver that way, decided to open his door and hang out of the car to give instructions. It wouldn't have been quite so funny if the goober wasn't having so much trouble staying in the car and keeping the door from swinging all the way open while he was doing it. Intelligence at it's best ladies and germs.

I went to the drive-in to watch two movies...Night at the Museum and Wolverine (again). Night at the Museum was okay. It definitely wasn't as good as the original but I still wouldn't mind seeing it a second time. In how many other movies can you see Custer, Amelia Earhart, Teddy Roosevelt, The Thinker, Einstein, Darth Vader, Oscar the Grouch, Ivan the Terrible (properly translated in his country as Ivan the Awesome), Napoleon, Al Capone, Abraham Lincoln, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Wright Brothers, American Gothic couple, Attila the Hun, George Foreman, etc...?

I loved the special affects (effects?). I think it's especially cool when they make normal-sized people look really tiny. Owen Wilson's character Jedediah Smith was seen climbing through a small rust hole, was later seen on the swing of a bird cage and finally ended up stuffed in to an hourglass. But, I think my most favoritest effect (affect?) was the giant doggie balloon animal that was bouncing all over the place. I want one!!!

My favorite actors in this are Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah (half god, once removed, on his mother's side) and Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart. I would see pretty much any movie either of them are in so it helped that this movie was also worth watching. I would recommend going to the theater to see this only because the affects (effects?) just aren't as good on a TV. Well, unless your TV is wall sized.

Okay, I just found out on imdb that Hank also played The Thinker and Abe Lincoln in this movie. See why I like him? He's so versatile. A lot of the jokes are aimed at adults but there are a few funnies for the kids too. I just didn't hear a lot of the kids around me laughing during the movie. Maybe they were otherwise occupied. Who knows?

I've decided to do away with my breakdown of the movies. I'll still let you know about the cussing, violence, etc. but I'll string it throughout the posts. I think the only thing in this movie that would possibly scare small children is the octopus but you find out later that it's actually nice so you can reassure your kids early on. Oh! And I promise to figure out which is correct...effects or affects. I've always had trouble with those two.

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Love the blog! Keep it coming! This one makes me want to go to the drive in!