Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight - Take Two

So, Armat broke down this weekend and let PT watch Twilight. Armat had neither read the book nor seen the movie so she kept asking PT questions about what she knew from reading the book. Thus, she missed important parts of the movie. Goob. I say that with love. Or laughter. Take your pick. Following is Armat's opinion of the movie. I'll add PT's later. So without further ado....

I have not read the book, nor was I a fan to begin with. I only watched in order to make sure it was okay for my daughter, PT. Why is Bella so depressed/depressing? I know her family is split, but come on now. Can't we turn that frown upside down? Did the writers really put in all the huffing and puffing she does at the beginning of every single line? The entire first half of this movie made me think of Kirk's debut film on Gilmore Girls. The lines are short and almost matter of fact. "Do you wear contacts?" "No." He leaves. Come on now. I know they are trying to hide they're feelings, but it's just too simple. All the spoken lines are very abrupt, but then the scenes with the music playing and they are talking, they are chatting up a storm. Must be a vampire thing that they can only open up and talk when music is covering up all the words. Overall it's a cute movie. Reality is not so real. First of all it's vampires, second she trusts him completely with what little she knows of him, and third he has total self control. The third one is the kicker. One last bashing of the movie before I move on to what stuck in my mind. How did James get her cell number? Is that his vampire ability, to know everyone's numbers? Hmmm.

Okay, the good stuff. Even though I think it's funny they portray a 17-year-old dude to have full control of his desires, I do like the sweet sincerety of him revealing he's watched her sleep for 2 months. Considering her trust in him and the whole freakish abilities of vampires which should scare her to death, it was an "Aww!" moment that he did adore her and wouldn't hurt her even when she was out cold and had not a clue. And the final scene when he so gently kissed her (I knew that was coming). How stinking cute!

Will I read the books now? Yes, even though I already know what happens because I've asked everyone whose read the books to tell me all the details. Did I ask my daughter questions throughout the entire movie? Yes and she didn't mind. She even loved it that, due to my vocal box being warmed up ready for another question, one part of the movie made me scream. Am I hooked on yet another tween fad? Absolutely. I think we all like when the bad, mysterious boy turns out to be the good guy only we know about.

PT asked me who I thought was cute in the movie. I think Edward nailed the whole bad boy thing, with a cute humorous twist. PT has posters of him on her wall and I don't think he's physically cute, but I think his character really did it for me.

Do I give it a grade now? My adult mind says "I guess I'll give it a B." My remembering my tween years mind says, "Like, oh my gosh, he was so cute and I loved it and I just can't wait 'til the next one comes out. A-."

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Tami said...

I guess I'll have to re-review this as I have now read the book. I guess I also have to defend myself to the fact that I did finally let PT see the movie. She worked hard on a project and rather than going out and spending money on "crap", I did reward her with what she has been ready to see since before it came out. That's the cool thing about being a parent. We make the rules and we reserve the right to change the rules at any question. So, yes, I caved and did not make my 11 1/2 yr-old wait until her 13th birthday. "I guess if I'm going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly!" All that said, I do have a totally different viewpoint on the movie now that I have read the book and seen the movie again.