Monday, June 8, 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera (Rated R)

If you're in to twisted movies AND musicals then this is the film for you! I saw the synopsis for it on Netflix and then saw the preview before another movie I rented and it looked kind of interesting. In a creepy sort of way. The closest thing I can compare it to is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and that doesn't hold a candle to "Repo!"

"In the year 2056 - the not so distant future - an epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet." (Lionsgate on imdb) A company called GeneCo emerges offering organ transplants. GeneCo is ever so kind in allowing people to set up payment plans for the organs. But! If even one payment is missed Repo Men are sent out to bring back the organs. The other part of the story is about a girl named Shiloh who is suffering from a mysterious disease for which she is trying to find the cure.

As I've mentioned before, I am NOT a big fan of horror/slasher flicks. This one didn't affect me as strongly as other horror films have. I think the surrealism of hearing people sing while they rip peoples innards out helped with the gag factor. And they show you the innards too. You don't just get to imagine what is happening. Blech!

Spoiler Alert!!! One thing that bothered me about this movie (when so much more should have) is that the "good" guy never finds out that he wasn't the one who poisoned his wife. In most movies, if the good guy thinks he did something that the bad guy really did, at some point he finds out. This is usually where the good guy beats the stuffing out of the bad guy. Not so in this movie, dang it.

I really liked the costuming and scenery in this. Spike liked the Genterns uniforms. A lot! But then, he is a boy, so this is to be expected. The city reminded me of the computer game "Syndicate". The attention to detail was amazing. And even though the lyrics in some instances are a shall we say, I wouldn't mind getting the soundtrack for this. As an ex music major it's so impressive to hear some of the things composers come up with. My favorite is when two characters are singing at each other and it's just like a regular conversation where both people are talking at the same time. That's just cool.

I only didn't like two actors in this movie. The first isn't an actor at all. She is Paris Hilton and no one really knows how to classify her. Oh wait. Yes, I do. But I choose not to be that mean. For now. I still have no idea why she's famous. The other is Bill Moseley who plays the part of Luigi Largo. All he does is yell a lot. He was more annoying than entertaining.

Alexa Vega plays the main character, Shiloh. I though she looked familiar but I just couldn't place her. So, when the movie was over I imdb'd her. She is the girl from Spy Kids. I found out that she sings some of the songs for the Spy Kids movies and she does her own singing for Repo! Actually, I think everyone did which was not always fortunate. Not only is Alexa a good actor but she's got a good set of pipes too.

Anthony Stewart Head (or Tony Stew Head as I like to call him) plays Shiloh's dad. I've come to like him as the librarian/vampire slayer trainer on the Buffy series. When I saw the previews for Repo! he was the main reason I wanted to see the movie. He's so uptight in Buffy that I thought it would be cool to see him otherwise. He's still a bit uptight in Repo! but he does it to music! And the man can sing!!!

There are several other characters I could talk about but this would end up being too long. I thought Grave-Robber was pretty good looking in an odd sort of way but the other character that I really liked was Blind Mag. This part was played by Sarah Brightman. If you don't know who she is, well I'm sorry. She was the original Christine in "Phantom of the Opera". She's got several albums out and has an amazing voice. In Repo! she has an eye transplant but these aren't ordinary eyes. They're way cooler than that. They project holograms. I'm kind of curious how she gets them to do this. Does it show her memories? Are they preprogrammed? I need to know!!!

If you can stomach (no pun intended) organs being ripped out of bodies and syringes being stuck up corpses noses (to pull out a drug called Zydrate) and enjoy a good musical then you should give Repo! The Genetic Opera a try. I think it's one of the best Rock Operas. But parents, I would strongly recommend against letting your children see it. Yikes!


c82mcdonald said...

Ok, now I have to see this! If the original " I am not a horror/slasher" girl can stomach it and even (Dare I say it?!?) sortof liked it then a true horror fan will need to see it! I will let you know!

Lisa said...

You won a Fleur de Lisa butter knife! Email your address so that I can get your loot in the mail! You're gonna need it for tomorrow's post.