Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I liked this movie. Almost as much as I'd hoped I would. The list of animators was about a mile long and they earned every penny they made. I hope they earned a lot of pennies. I saw the first Transformers movie with Popcorn Toes and we couldn't stop talking about it for the longest time. Of course, part of that was due to the fact that she is a kid and easily more impressed than most adults would be. I really enjoy watching movies with her. Mainly so I can see or hear the myriad of reactions she displays. That is a show in and of itself.

But enough about PT. We're hear to talk cars. Talking cars. Transforming cars. Cars that totally kick Decepticon butt! Did I mention cars? Just checking. This starts in 14,000 B.C. and shows humans fighting the original Transformers. Those savage transformers are just cool. Sadly, some of them are also the bad guys. Dang. But, you can't have a kick butt action movie without a few bad guys. It just doesn't make sense for the good guys to be fighting each other all the time. Gets confusing. My two favorite bad guys were Megatron and Fallen. I just found out that Hugo Weaving did the voice for Megatron. Let me just tell what a huge fan of his I am. Okay, maybe not. I don't have that much time. I'll just leave you with this...The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta. OMG!!!

Now, as for the good guys. I like 'em all. Even the Twins (Mudflap and Skids). They were hi-larious!!! And I thought the girl motorcycles were cool too (Arcee). Bumblebee and Optimus Prime were my all-around favorites, though. Optimus rocks! He was cool at beginning of the movie but when he gets stuff added on (I don't want to ruin it for you) he is "Awesome baby, with a capital A!" I want one! And a Bumblebee too. I like people who talk using songs. I myself tend to do that on occasion. I wonder what the insurance would run me on these two guys/cars. Yikes! I can't say too much else about them without major spoilers so I'll just say that they are awesome and you need to see this movie. So there.

The F/X were so cool. It always amazes me that they can blow up cities and aircraft carriers and such and none of it is really real. I think that makes sense. Poor Paris got picked on again. Not Paris Hilton...Paris, France. Pick on the former all you want. I don't mind. In how many movies does Paris get blown up? Manhattan is another favorite to be destroyed, it seems. Have you ever noticed that small cities almost never get blown up? Why? Because no one would care. But, that's not important right now.

As amazing as the F/X were I am so disappointed in the editor and whoever else should have been paying attention. I mean, if I can pick out the mistakes you'd think the person whose job it is to fix said mistakes would notice them also. Hollywood seems to love their characters coming through ordeals unscathed. In this movie alone our main characters are dropped from a few stories high while they are in a car and walk away with no injuries. Yes, they had airbags but how many of you out there who've had their airbags deployed walked away without at least a burn or two? Hmmm? Hmmm? And later, two of these characters are being chased around busted up homes in Egypt and end up falling off the second floor of a home and have stuff flying around them and they get up without a scratch. And before they fell they were running along the tops of houses while things were blowing up around them. At one point the dust and debris is so thick you can barely see them. Any cuts this time? Nope! SPOILER ALERT!!! The only marks we see are when one of the characters almost dies because of an explosion. They get burned and cut and even limp a little after. But! They don't act hurt when people run up and hug on them. Come on now!!! Oh and the little bit where a windshield gets majorly busted but in a shot a few seconds later there are just a couple of holes? I need a job in Hollywood. I think I could do better. I'm just saying...

As for the parts I could have done without. There was a bit of cussing that could have been left out altogether. I understand when you're getting blown up that you might let something fly but otherwise...use your words, people!!! I also could have done without all the testicle references. This movie was definitely made by boys. Women just don't find the need to mention that particular body part very often. And what I really, REALLY could have done without was seeing John Turturro's butt. Was that necessary? Eminem, I feel your pain. Well almost. It wasn't actually in my face so there is a bit of a difference.

I would like to shake the hand of the casting director. Good job, you! Shia LaBeouf was excellent again as the main character. He should have felt right at home as this was an Indiana Jones meets Independence Day meets Herbie kind of movie. Yes, I know he wasn't in the other two. Work with me here, people! Megan Fox returns as his girlfriend Mikaela. Why has she only been in two movies? If I were a guy I'd think she's hot! Okay, I'm a girl and I think she's hot. You got a problem wit dat? I still don't think that Shia's character would ever end up with Megan's character. I mean, he's not a rock star or anything. And many, many, MANY thanks to the casting director for including Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. The women of the world (or at least America) thank you.

Aside from the mush scenes that were obviously added to draw in the female audience - which is stupid because a lot of women will watch an action movie just for the...well, action - I really like this movie. Now, as for the movie experience...the man behind me FELL ASLEEP!!! Dude, if you're that tired stay home and go to bed. Things are exploding and this man is snoring!!! And not softly either. People from several rows around us were getting annoyed. And, I went to the 9:00 P.M. showing and there were quite a few kids there. First, don't bring your kids to late movies. They need to be in bed. Second, this really should be a watch-before-you-let-your-kids-see-it kind of movie (mainly for the language and testicle references). And finally, a big shout out goes to the two...ahem...lovely people who stayed for the credits (as did I) and then talked at the top of their voices through all the music. Oh, and they moved down a couple of seats away from me to do it. What is the point? Go home and talk! I don't usually stay through the credits but I just had to this time. The music was awesome! I am so getting the soundtrack!

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