Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodbye Jack

You were loving and loved. You never met a person you didn't like. You licked my tears when I was sad. You cuddled with me on cold winter nights and even sometimes when it was hot outside. You waggled your tail and ran to greet me with your ears flapping in the wind when I came home. You made me laugh by howling at noon every Saturday when the sirens sounded. You flopped over on your back when I was near so I could rub your belly. You fell asleep in my arms while we were watching movies. You loved to sit in my lap when we went for rides in the car. You bounced impatiently for me to put new straw in your house and jumped in to get it settled before I was finished. You slept beneath the rosebushes with the sun shining on you. You didn't complain when you got sick. You still wagged your tail and tried to show you loved me when I got home to take care of you. You let me say "Goodbye". I love you for that even though it hurt. I will miss you, my sweet Jackie.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

What would you do to save the life of your child? If you are like most parents your answer would be, "Anything!!!" But, what if, to save this child you affected the life of another of your children. Is there a line you shouldn't cross? How far is too far? And what makes the life of one child more important than that of the others? These are just a few of the questions brought up in "My Sister's Keeper".

I usually take notes during the movies so I'll remember what I might want to use in my blog but I got so caught up in MSK that I hardly wrote anything at all. This was a very thought provoking movie. At times I wanted to question the sanity of the whole deal. Ponder of your children is dying of Cancer so you genetically engineer another child for spare parts. It's kind of scary to think about.

Sara, the mom, played by Cameron Diaz, gained my sympathy because of her devotion to her terminally ill daughter Kate, while at the same time earning my loathing because of her treatment of her younger daughter, Anna (the spare part kid). She doesn't show any kind of affection toward Anna until the end of the movie. It leads me to wonder, if this were reality, would Anna ever be able to forgive Sara for not only creating her for a specific purpose but then, on top of everything else, making it so painfully obvious that she is not the cherished one? When Sara slaps Anna I was so wanting someone to step in but it never happened.

I usually go on and on about the different actors at this point but I don't want to stray too far from the film itself. I'll make it quick. I want to see Joan Cusack in more dramas/dramedies. I really hurt for her in this film. Jason Patric did a really good job as the dad. I especially liked him in the beach scene. The actors who played the siblings, Abigail Breslin (Anna), Sofia Vassilieva (Kate) and Evan Ellingson (Jesse) were incredibly believable. And I believe that everyone should have a Taylor (played by Thomas Dekker) in their life.

I would suggest against parents taking young children to this movie. Not only is there quite a bit of cussing but it's just too mature a subject for them. I agree with the PG-13 rating in most instances. PT is only 11 but Armat took her to see MSK. Do I disagree with her decision? Not at all. She knows what her daughter can handle and wouldn't have taken her if it would have affected her more than you would normally expect. I think that makes sense. I would like to add that it felt like things were missing from this movie. At one point it's mentioned that the brother turns his life around but we never saw him do anything really bad except come home late. He seemed to ride public transportation a lot but we never see where he goes.

I'm not quite sure how to recommend this movie. Is it a good idea for a date? Sure, if you don't mind blubbering all over your partner for the evening. I went by myself, as usual, and was glad I did. I came really close to being a complete mess. It did make me question, though, what I would do. Could I love a child so much that I would bring another into this world just to save them? Would I be okay with consigning the "spare part" child to a half-life in which a lot of their decisions/actions would have to be weighed as to how is would affect the beloved child? Could I really love a child I saw as the salvation of their sibling and still let/make them give up any chance at a normal childhood? I wanted so badly to judge the mom in this movie but how can I? I don't have children of my own and until I do I have no real idea the extent to which I, as a mother, might go. I do know what I would do for PT and that tells me a lot.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carol Sue

Her middle name isn't really Sue but her first name is Carol. She is one of my friends from work, she has a wicked sense of humor, she is very kind and she loves loves LOVES to make cool looking cakes and cupcakes. I got on the super decorated food kick a little after she did. The difference is she actually does something about it. I mainly sit back and partake.

I won't be posting many blogs with food that other people have made but I couldn't pass this up. Carol Sue made this cake for our boss's birthday and it turned out wicked cool, man. I believe she said that it's a chocolate/chocolate chip cake. Yummy. I forgot to ask what kind of icing she used. My bad. She was, however, freaking out on the phone last night when I called her. Apparently she had a little difficulty dying the candy coating black. Can you tell? I think not. And now, for the unveiling. Drum roll please....


The Proposal

I'm curious as to whether the director and writer of this movie ever saw another Sandra Bullock film called "While You Were Sleeping" and if not, why she herself didn't mention that she'd already played the I-lost-my-family-and-now-I'm-touched-because-yours-is-welcoming-me-with-open-arms role. I guess it just didn't come up. Aside from this obvious lack in forethought and the fact that at times it felt like something was missing this is still a pretty good movie. I would definitely recommend it for a date night. There's a little something for everyone.

It's basically about an overbearing (and that is way under-exaggerated) boss who is going to be deported back to Canada so she forces her assistant to marry her. As you can imagine everything goes downhill from there. It's fun and painful to watch the story unfold. I only had one complete ewwwwwwwww! moment when the stripper showed up (in the movie, not the theater). I've seen that guy in something else but I can't think of what. Oh wait. I just looked him up on imdb. He was on Reno 911! I cringed through the entire strip scene. To any of my friends who even consider getting me a stripper if I ever manage to get married again...please please please let him be in much MUCH better shape than this guy was. Please? Oh, and...don't get me a stripper. Thank you.

Because the ending is pretty much a no-brainer even if you've only seen the previews I feel safe saying that I am just NOT a firm believer in people falling in love in JUST 3 DAYS!!! I mean, come on people! I could possibly see it from his point of view since he'd been her assistant for 3 years. He knew almost everything about her especially the fact that she is a complete and total jerk. Then of course she mellows out around his family so he gets to see her softer side - in more ways than one - so he falls in love. I'm cool with that. But her? Give me a break!

Now, as far as the actors go I LOVE Sandra Bullock. She is pretty, she is funny and she's talented. Darn her. She plays hateful well. I especially liked her scenes with the dog. And that whole full-frontal thing they keep mentioning? All the important parts stay covered. The film crew got to see way more than we do. Same goes for Ryan Reynolds who I am free to love being as I'm a girl and all. As I mentioned in my "Wolverine" review I think he is just a pretty pretty man. And I mean that in the most masculine way possible. It still cracks me up that he strips down while he's standing on his balcony. I want a house by the water in the middle of nowhere so I can do that. Oh wait. I probably still wouldn't do that. There are some things nature just does not need to see. Anyway, back to Ryan. Sigh. Enough said.

Playing Ryan's parents are Mary Steenburgen and Craig T. Nelson. Kudos again to the casting director. The only thing I didn't like was that Craig's character was not very nice. I've liked him since he was on "Coach". And Betty White was a wonderful Gammy. If you don't guess what she's doing during the airplane scene you need to stop and wonder a few things about yourself. Of course, if you read this before you see it you'll figure it out a lot quicker (more quickly? most quickest?).

It did earn it's PG-13 rating so parents may want to consider before taking their kids to see it. While the full-frontal isn't really it doesn't leave much to the imagination. We did discover that both Ryan and Sandra are in REALLY good shape. I tend to like Sandra Bullock movies - except "Forces of Nature" - so it's not surprising I liked this one too. And, if you're like me, you'll want to punch Mr. Gilbertson in the face during the wedding scene. You'll see what I mean.

Oh, and another shout out to three women who need to borrow a clue. Believe it or not you were NOT the only people in the theater last night. Not all of us wanted to share your conversation throughout the movie. Neither did we want to listen to your foot stomping when something was funny nor the constant crinkling when you were getting in to whatever you were eating. And I would especially like to thank you for the view of your backsides when you stood up. No, they didn't moon me. There was just too much of them and too little clothing. I promise I'll do better from now on about being cranky regarding other theater patrons. Or I'll just keep it to myself. Probably the wiser choice.