Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carol Sue

Her middle name isn't really Sue but her first name is Carol. She is one of my friends from work, she has a wicked sense of humor, she is very kind and she loves loves LOVES to make cool looking cakes and cupcakes. I got on the super decorated food kick a little after she did. The difference is she actually does something about it. I mainly sit back and partake.

I won't be posting many blogs with food that other people have made but I couldn't pass this up. Carol Sue made this cake for our boss's birthday and it turned out wicked cool, man. I believe she said that it's a chocolate/chocolate chip cake. Yummy. I forgot to ask what kind of icing she used. My bad. She was, however, freaking out on the phone last night when I called her. Apparently she had a little difficulty dying the candy coating black. Can you tell? I think not. And now, for the unveiling. Drum roll please....


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