Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I would love to be able to give you a full review of this movie but sadly, I missed a good portion of it. Seems I was coming down with a stomach virus and it didn't really kick in until about 15 minutes in to the movie. Was feeling fine and then all of the sudden.... I would like to take a moment to give a couple "attaboys!" to the ushers at the Warren Theater in Moore. I didn't quite make it to the bathroom before I lost the popcorn and lemonade I had previously consumed. In fact, I didn't make it to the bathroom at all. I made it to the hallway halfway in between the theater and the bathroom. Nice! Neither of these guys made an "oh-my-gosh-she-just-puked-in-the-hallway" face nor did they gag or make me feel worse than I already did. Thank you thank you thank you. I did offer to clean it up but they said it would be taken care of. Yuck! I went back in to the theater after cleaning myself up and within 10 minutes went back outside for round two. Made it to the bathroom that time. After the first round the usher asked what movie I was watching and when I told him he acted like that wasn't surprising. I found out today that several people have hurled during this movie. Who knew?

Now that that's out of my system...so to speak...on with the movie. Maybe the hurling was such a humiliating experience that the movie didn't affect me as it should have. I laughed more than I gasped. This might have had a little to do with the men who were screaming. Big babies! I will admit to not watching the very last of the movie. I admit it. I'm a chicken! The only reason I was even watching this movie is because it was Halloween and that's what I do on Halloween. Usually I watch the scary movies at Spike's house but he was too good for that this year. This year he had to go to the OU/K-State game instead. Not that I wouldn't have, given the opportunity. I had to ask Poodle (the girl I went with) how the movie ended because she actually watched it. Oh, and Spike's team lost. Ha ha!

I'm going to have to wait to give a real review of this movie. I think I'm going to have to go back and see it all the way through just to redeem myself. Or not. Anyone else want to pipe in with their opinion? Lemme know! I did appreciate that there wasn't a lot of "jump out at you" scares in the movie. I really hate those. It was almost complete suspense. The "crawling-up-on-your-seat-or-on-to-your-dates-lap-because-something-is-about-to-happen" kind of suspense. Sometimes I like that. Sometimes...not so much.

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