Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black Swan

The second movie I saw today was "Black Swan" starring Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers. I must make it known right away that this post should probably be rated PG-18. I didn't say PG-13 because I wouldn't want to give the idea that I would be okay with my niece reading this. One of the main reasons for these movie reviews is to give readers an idea of what they'll be walking in to. Like all those poor saps who had no idea about "that scene" in "The Crying Game" or the love story in "Brokeback Mountain". Please be aware that there are spoilers throughout this post. I'm just warning you now. If you are a young person reading this blog please please please skip to my next post. I stand by my opinion but that doesn't mean you need to read it.

Despite the fact that "Black Swan" is a movie about a ballerina it became apparent that the demographic for the film was immature males. This movie is perfect if they are in the mood to enhance their masturbatory fantasies (I'm going to hear from my mom about that statement). Not only did it have Natalie Portman, who many men have informed me is very hot, but it had Natalie Portman diddling herself a couple of times and then later on Natalie Portman being diddled by another woman. Then, of course, we have suspense and murder. Lovely!

I have defended Natalie Portman to Spike repeatedly as he does not share the opinions of the masses mentioned in the previous paragraph. That stops now. I'm hoping that by the end of "Black Swan" they were trying to portray her as something other than the naive (word for the day apparently) waif she typically plays. The change was great while it lasted but it didn't last long enough. I completely agreed with the character of the ballet director in that he couldn't stand her constant display of cowardice and fragility. I tend to be a tad introverted myself but this was ridiculous.

I was almost sorry for the mom, played by Barbara Hershey, by the end of the movie. It sort of seemed as if the film-makers were partially blaming her for the downfall of her daughter. While, yes, she was a tad over-dramatic at times (the cake scene) I don't think it was enough to push someone over the edge. I mean, good grief, if you are an adult who can't stand being controlled by your parents then move out. Problem solved.

And then there were the unanswered questions. I get the fact that the role in the ballet completely took over Nina's life - who out there didn't hear about what led to Heath Ledger's demise? - but it seems as if important parts of the movie were cut that might have explained a little more of that. And she got so in to her role that she thought she was turning in to a swan??? I can totally work with the thought that an actor may get uber-involved in his character as a madman but a bird? Really??? It's like she got the role then immediately went crazy. And then there's the mystery of what happened to Beth. Now, if you've seen the movie and have read my blog before, you know it kills me to say that I am curious about this character. Unfortunately, I didn't go to to check out the different actors in this film ahead of time. They managed to sneak Winona in on me again. Why????? And finally, did the producers really think Nina (or anyone for that matter) would be able to finish a ballet after getting stabbed in the belly? I mean, come on. This may be aimed at infantile men but give them at least a little credit.

I'm not going to break down the reasons why this would not be a good movie for children due to violence, sex, etc. I'm just going to put it this way. This is NOT a movie children should be allowed to see. Period. Exclamation point!

While this was okay for a one-time watch I will not be viewing this movie again. Good luck at the Oscars, "Black Swan". I don't think you should win much of anything but you'll probably end up taking home every award for which you received a nod. Kinda makes me question the powers that be.

P.S. As most of you know, "Black Swan" only took home one Oscar and that was for Best Actress. I didn't see the other movies in that category but it must have been a really sad year if this was the best you could find. I think I'll watch the other four movies and let you know what I think.

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