Sunday, January 30, 2011

The King's Speech

This was the fourth and final movie I saw yesterday and I'm so glad I saved it for last. It was well written and had one of my favorite actors in it. I will definitely watch this one again and again.

I don't think I've ever heard much about King George VI except as an aside for the story of Queen Elizabeth's ascension to the throne. Having never seen or heard King George VI I can only assume that Colin Firth did an excellent job portraying him in the movie. I was genuinely hurt and embarrassed for him several times and was nearly brought to tears by his successes. I first noticed Colin when he played Lord Henry Dashwood in "What a Girl Wants". No, not one of the most intellectually stimulating movies ever filmed but still a nice little escape every once in a while. I've seen him in several movies since and he just keeps getting better and better.

Helena Bonham Carter played the part of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. I haven't cared much for her acting in many movies since I saw her in the 1985 film "A Room With a View". She did well as one of many villains in the Harry Potter movies but I think "The King's Speech" is now my favorite for her. I would like to know if Queen Elizabeth was really like that. She was played as strong and supportive with a lovely sense of humor. If she was portrayed as she lived then she truly made King George the man he was. She married him despite the fact that he was a Royal and, according to the movie, because he stammered when he spoke. It was one of my favorite lines in the entire film.

Geoffrey Rush did an excellent job as Lionel Logue, speech therapist and friend to King George. He's been such an inconsequential (boy that sounded snobbish) actor on my movie radar that after seeing this I feel I need to go back and watch some of his movies again. Other than the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series. I've seen enough of those, thank you very much. And there's still another coming out. Yikes! He and Colin Firth play well off each other. I would love to see them in another movie together.

I would recommend this movie to just about anyone. I say "just about" because of the amount of cussing and I don't want parents to sit their children in front of this thinking that it's perfectly all-right. The F-word, S-word and others are used quite a lot but not in a profane manner. You'll have to see it to understand because if I tell you about it I'll totally ruin one of the scenes for you and it's a good, fun scene.

I would love to have met these people. I, myself, am terrified to speak in public and I can't even begin to imagine doing so with a speech impediment. Kudos to you King George. What I'd really enjoy is to watch this film with today's British royalty and find out how true to life it really is. I'm sure I'll receive my invitation any day now.

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