Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Mechanic

The third movie I watched today (well, yesterday now as it's after midnight) was "The Mechanic". This was an action movie with several explosions, lots of killing and a couple attempts at morality.

I like Jason Statham - he's so pretty - but it appears that he is NEVER going to play a different role...ever! If he already has and I just haven't seen those movies then I beg your pardon. In this movie he is...yup, you guessed assassin. But with a heart of gold. I really would love to see him in a different type of movie. By the way, ladies, there is a really good Jason Statham butt shot scene in this film. And if you aren't using a "stunt" bottom, Jason, then well done, you. I could definitely picture him in a romantic comedy. I'm just saying.

I was really hoping for a totally different ending for this movie. I just knew it was going to end my way. It didn't. I was hoping that someone who died at the beginning really hadn't and he was going to show up later on and everything would be hunky dory. I have no idea what that means but I use it a lot. Anywho, I think my version may be a tad more girly than the producers had in mind. That's probably why they didn't ask me. That must be it.

I will more than likely watch this again as I love a good action flick. Or because Jason's in it. Whatever.

Update (01/31/2011): I was sleepy when I wrote this review and it just dawned on me that I didn't say whether or not I would recommend it for younger type people. The answer is, "No!" As you can imagine there is lots and lots of violence, there is a nude/sex scene, as previously mentioned, and I'm sure there was cursing but I slacked on this one and didn't pay as good attention as I should have.

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