Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie List - February 2011

I only saw one movie at an actual theater this month. Who knew February could be so busy?!!! So here is the list of movies I watched while continuing my role as Night Owl. Please excuse all the Disney Channel movies. I couldn't help it.

1) The Blind Side
2) Made of Honor
3) Aspen Extreme
4) Because I Said So
5) With a Song In My Heart
6) Taken
7) The Last Song
8) Cow Belles
9) Dorian Gray
10) Transylmania (so so so so stewpid!!!)
11) Beauty & the Briefcase
12) Princess Protection Program
13) Uncommon Valor
14) Starstruck
15) Read It and Weep
16) Wizards of Waverly Place
17) Trapped
18) Jennifer’s Body
19) To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (only made it through half of it but only because I fell asleep. Have seen this before.)
20) Stick It
21) The Nanny Diaries
22) I Am Number Four (my one and only theater movie of the month)
23) Dragonball Evolution
24) Revolutionary Road
25) Repo Men
26) Whiteout
27) Saved!
28) Tea With Mussolini
29) Fantastic 4
30) Alice in Wonderland

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