Sunday, April 3, 2011

Restaurant Review - J & W Grill

Spike and I got up at 4:45 in the morning yesterday to drive out to the Wichita Mountains for sunrise pictures. Yes, there are mountains in Oklahoma. And yes, there are two 4:45s in a day. Anyway, when I dragged my sleepy tuckus out of bed all I ate for breakfast was a little bit of yogurt. Later on in the day I had a banana. As you can probably guess I was nigh unto famished by mid-afternoon. Spike had eaten a real breakfast...I think...and had also eaten a banana and apple in the truck. He wasn't hungry at all, dang him.

We passed up several chain restaurants in Anadarko because my tummy just wasn't in the mood for them. When we got to Chickasha we were driving down the main street and came upon J & W Grill. I commented that it looked like a place that has really good food. I apologize to J & W for the following description but I need to explain my reasoning. Have you ever noticed that some of the most not-so-attractive restaurants have some of the best food? No? You don't frequent those types of restaurants? should. Spike didn't think it looked like much but said he'd stop if I wanted to. It was more my tummy's decision so we stopped.

From the outside it looked like a dive. One of those places where you wonder how they are still in business. From the inside it looked a little worse. It's a very thin building with one, count them one, table. The rest of the diners sit in short stools along a counter. My stool apparently didn't want me to sit on it as it kept trying to throw me. And poor Spike. He's 6'4" and was probably feeling a bit like Alice after she ate the magic mushroom. As for me, I was feeling a bit like Goldilocks. Minus the blond hair.

When we first walked in we were hit with the smells. Oh. My. Goodness!!! The smells!!! If you aren't already hungry when you walk in you will be soon after. My stomach is growling right now just thinking about it. The second thing we noticed was the feeling of being the stranger who walks in to the saloon in the wild west movies. Apparently this is a "local" eatery and we were so not locals. Everyone turned and stared and watched as we took our seats..ahem...stools. However, we bellied up to the bar and while Spike expected okay food I expected more. I won.

The first thing Spike did was ask if I wanted to share an order of fries. I said that was fine with me. I hadn't looked around much so I didn't understand why he didn't want his own order. The man loves food. The only time he wants to share is when we each get our own meal and we want to try what the other is having. In this case, he had seen something I hadn't. The quantity of fries. Nice! This picture doesn't do justice to the size of this basket o' fries.
Just a warning...these fries are super greasy. Spike had to sop up some of the grease with a napkin before he'd eat any fries. I had no such qualms.

We also ordered coneys. Spike got the coney with everything. I did not as I am allergic to healthy food. Okay, maybe not but slaw and onions on a coney did not sound appetizing to all!
(Please excuse the blurriness of the picture. No matter what I did I couldn't get my phone to take a clear pic.)

I should have had them only hold the onions. Spike forced (okay, asked) me to try the slaw. It was so good! I have no idea what was in it but if we ever go back I'm getting it.
These coneys were on the small side but teamed up with the fries I was plenty full when we left.

Two men came in shortly after we got our food and they each ordered double double cheeseburgers. I wish now I had taken pictures so you could see what they got. Two things kept me from doing so. One, I didn't want to be rude/obvious and two, I am a tad shy when talking to strangers and I couldn't summon the gumption to ask if I could. Oh well. These burgers though...oh my! Spike and I decided that there must have been four patties on each one. A double double. We didn't actually pay attention to the putting together of the burgers, despite the fact that the grill was right across from us, but when they were delivered there was a LOT of meat. If anyone else has eaten there and actually knows what all goes on a double double please share.

Our bill came out to be a little over $8.00 for two coneys, two drinks (with free refills, of which Spike had several) and an order of fries. Not bad at all. And they definitely do not skimp on ingredients. You should have seen the amount of onions in those burgers. Yuck!!! And the people who worked there were very nice despite being very busy.

So, while it's definitely not haute cuisine it's also not a place you should pass by. Stop on in. You'll be glad you did.

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SM said...

I work in Chickasha everyday, and have yet eaten there. I shall make the effort at some point. I have been told of it's greatness, it is one of those you would see on diners, driveins and dives.