Monday, May 9, 2011

Fast Five

I think this was, quite possibly, the best movie of the entire Fast and Furious franchise. I say "quite possibly" because, for some reason, I haven't yet seen Tokyo Drift. I definitely liked this movie because of the action but there were three other big reasons:

1) Dwayne Johnson – do you really need a list?
2) Vin Diesel – cute, bald, with a voice I could listen to for hours
3) Paul Walker – even on the lam he comes across as the boy next door

The action scenes were fun, though not always believable. The dialog had some major cheese factors and sadly most of the cheddar was delivered by Dwayne Johnson. Such as these gems:

Member of team: “I have good news and bad news”
Dwayne: “You know I like dessert first”
Member of team: Gives him the good news
Dwayne: “Now give me the veggies”

There were more but these were some of the first that were heard. A couple of lines that I thought were hi-larious were as follows:

“When are you gonna give Martin Luther King his car back.”
“The same time you give Rick James his jacket back.”

Hardy har har.

Other than the cheese this was a good movie. I will definitely go see this again. I don’t think I’d recommend this to P.T. or other kids her age (13). There is quite a lot of violence with the worst of the blood contained to one scene. We even get to hear a couple of necks snapped. Yuck! As you can imagine there is quite a bit of cussing. There is no sex or nudity unless you count the girls’ booties hanging below their dress lines in the race car scenes. Note I didn’t say “race scenes” because this was just a teaser. We got to see all the people checking out each others’ cars before but we didn’t actually get to see the race itself. Don’t be discouraged though. There were a couple other race scenes. As far as alcohol and drugs, there was a lot of beer drinking by pretty much everyone except the person who shouldn’t have been.

The one thing that I really wanted to see in this film I think they went to great lengths to avoid. We never see Vin & Dwayne standing next to each other. I wanted to see which man is bigger. They do have a fight scene in which they beat the stuffings out of each other (and the marks miraculously disappear) but you still can’t get a good idea. I think the movie folks were intentionally trying to make Dwayne the biggest person in the film. They gave him a shirt that was obviously too small while Vin got shirts that were too big. Sorry, Paul, but you don’t even rate in this competition. And you’ve got to already know that.

If you like action flicks and/or you like the rest of this franchise I would definitely recommend it.

P.S. Stay through the credits.

P.P.S. I got my answer regarding which man is bigger. I went to IMDB and found a still pic from the movie. Dwayne wins. But Vin is not too far behind. And Dwayne is 4 inches taller. I think that must count for something.

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c82mcdonald said...

I will go see this for several reasons. Most of which you detailed here! LOL I love that I can read your blog and pretty well know if I want to see the movie or not!