Friday, June 3, 2011

X-Men: First Class

I went to the 12:01 a.m. showing of this movie and it is now 3:09 a.m. and I have to work tomorrow so this review will be short. While this was a good movie, I wouldn't say it's the best in the series. It did answer a few questions though. And raised several others.

I liked pretty much all of the actors. No "excepts". I figured most of them would be relatively unheard of based on the previews but quite a few well-known people showed up here and there. Kevin Bacon plays the villain in this film. I don't like it when Kevin plays the bad guy. Not that he doesn't do a good job. I just don't want to see him evil.

Okay, I know I haven't written much but I am exhausted. I'll give you the basics real quick and then wrap it up for now. Was there violence? Yes. A lot of it. None of it was terribly bloody but I did NOT care for how the bad guy dies (it shouldn't be surprising that he dies if you pay any attention throughout the movie) nor for his appearance as he's being removed from the submarine. I also didn't care for how the bad guy made Magneto angry at the beginning. These scenes might be integral to the story but I don't think they're okay for young children. I don't even want P.T. to see how the bad guy dies but I don't get to make that decision. Moving on...was there sex and/or nudity? Nope. There is a scene with several women walking around in their unders but that's the worst of it. Was there alcohol or drugs? Yes to alcohol. No to drugs. Cussing? Yes. But that's not really surprising, is it?

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes this series. I would also recommend that parents either watch this before they take their children or if you have a friend who has seen the film and knows your kids, get their opinion. I will watch this movie again. And probably again and again. That's just how I roll.

P.S. You don't need to stay through the credits unless you just like reading all the names. There is no teaser on this one. The other theater-goers were not too pleased about that.

P.S.S. I think the next X-film should be about Storm. I'm just sayin'.

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