Monday, July 4, 2011

Movie List - June 2011

Oops. I seem to be a couple days late on this one. I'm sure you've been holding your breath. Anywho...

1) Grease 2 (I had forgotten how bad this is)
2) X-Men: First Class
3) Red (Loved it!!!)
4) The Expendables (The violence was a tad much)
5) Super 8
6) New In Town
7) Catch That Kid
8) The Green Hornet
9) Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief
10) The Game Plan
11) Empire of the Sun (Why have I never watched this before? So so so so good!)
12) Swept from the Sea
13) Perfect Stranger
14) The Phantom
15) Green Zone
16) The Green Lantern (lots of Green movies this month)
17) The Brave One
18) Evening
19) Transformers

P.S. Thank goodness for movie theater air conditioning!!!

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