Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie List - July 2011

I could have sworn I saw more movies this month if for no other reason than to escape the heat. I did manage to see all but 2 movies that were listed as showing last week at my local theater. No, I didn't watch them all last week. They were showing get the point.

1) Monte Carlo
2) Whip It (the 2nd half anyway)
3) Zookeeper
4) Friends with Benefits
5) H.P. and the D.H.: Part 2
6) LOTR:ROTK (if you need a translation then you're just not cool like me)
7) The Proposal
8) Beastly (Got if for my birthday!)
9) Horrible Bosses
10) Bad Teacher
11) Winnie the Pooh
12) Space Camp
13) Captain America: The First Avenger
14) Cowboys & Aliens
15) Crazy, Stupid, Love

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