Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dolphin Tale

Unless you are completely against feel-good type movies you really need to go see Dolphin Tale. I was drawn in to this movie from the beginning and was so disappointed when the credits started rolling. I wanted to see more.

Dolphin Tale is the [inspired by the] true story of Winter, a bottlenose dolphin who was injured when she became caught in a crab trap, and the boy (Sawyer) who helped rescue her. Going solely by the title of the movie this is just about Winter but it’s really about so much more. This story has many other personal triumphs too. Sawyer is a seemingly shy, closed-off boy who finds something to speak up for. Kyle is his cousin who is encouraged to carry on and find new dreams. Dr. Clay is the marine biologist who overcomes personal tragedy to help Winter survive. Dr. McCarthy is a prosthetic doctor who, while working to give Winter a tail, revolutionizes the prosthetic industry. And! The evil hotel tycoon isn’t really what he seems.

I’m really only going to focus on one actor/character this time. Nathan Gamble. He played the part of Sawyer Nelson, champion to stranded dolphins and fire beneath wayward cousins. Comparatively speaking, he didn’t have a lot of lines in this movie but when he did say something things happened. He fought to be able to take care of Winter. His mom listened. He yelled at his cousin to wake up (metaphorically speaking) and he did. He wanted to raise awareness and money for Winter and the entire town came together. Although Nathan didn’t get to say that much he was easy to believe as the loner kid who just needed something special to bring him in to his own. He needs to be in more movies. And he needs being a celebrity to not affect him.

There are some sad scenes in this movie but you pretty much know that going in to it. I was so glad I wore a long-sleeved shirt as I cried a little during the sad parts and a little more during the happy ones. Big baby. Let me tell you though, it is SO not easy to dry your eyes on the cuff of your shirt when you’re reaching under regular glasses and 3D glasses. Speaking of 3D…the opening scene is so cool.

This is definitely a movie for kids. I don’t recall hearing any cussing. There is a little blood on Winter’s tail and mouth but it’s just for a second and it’s not gory. There is no alcohol and no sex/nudity. I really do think this movie is for pretty much anybody. I do recommend researching the true story ahead of time if you don’t already know it. I didn’t know a thing about it and checked it out after I got home. They definitely Hollywood-ized it. But it’s still an inspiring story.

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