Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Man On a Ledge


Man on a Ledge was another free pre-screening that I would not have minded paying for. I took Spike with me this time and thank goodness it wasn't one on which we felt the need to walk out. I'd have never heard the end of it. Trust me. Ask him about the coffee pot I inadvertently made him miss out on.

Let's see what IMDB has to say about it:
"As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever committed is in motion..."

Well, yeah. For the most part anyway. If by "biggest diamond heist ever" they meant "biggest diamond" heist then it's probably true. Neither knowing how big the diamond in the movie is nor how big the real biggest diamond in the world is I have no way of judging. But it's a pretty big honkin' diamond. Does the size of the diamond have any relevance to this movie? Possibly. And I just caught another mistake in the summary. If by ex-con they mean guy who just escaped from prison then yes, yes he is. If that was a typo and they meant ex cop then they were right on the money. Oh! And it's not the rooftop. It was the 21st floor. Did they even watch the movie?

I can't say a lot about this film without giving anything away. I will say, though, if you haven't seen the trailer, don't watch it before you see the movie. Please, please, please. I managed to avoid the trailer on this one and then came home and watched it after. So glad I did. Why do they give so much away? I just don't get it.

There wasn't a whole lot of action in Man on a Ledge but it didn't really need it. It kept my attention most of the time. The only reason I can't say "all of the time" is because, once again, I chose the seats by all the people who needed to make comments during the show. In all fairness to me, we got there early enough that when we sat down no one else was anywhere near us. And in all fairness to them, they really weren't all that bad. At least it wasn't constant.

I'm not going to go into character descriptions as I liked pretty much all of them. I do have to mention that Ed Harris does play a good bad guy. And I totally sympathize with the girlfriend. I don't think I'd ever love anyone enough to go in to that vent. No way. No how. But, maybe I just haven't met the right guy yet. And speaking of the girlfriend, let me just say that the men out there are gonna like her...a lot. Especially in one certain scene. There's no nudity but knowing how guy's minds work, there doesn't need to be.

Let's head to the break-down, shall we?

Sex/Nudity - None.

Drinking/Drugs - Definitely drinking. I didn't notice any drugs.

Cussing - Yes. In English AND Spanish.

Violence - Yes but not gross. A man gets shot in the chest and you see the blood on his shirt a little bit later and there are some fist fights but that's about it.

Bull hockey moments - A few. I can't lie. There were a couple scenes in which the audience didn't quite believe that would/could ever happen. But once you get past that it's still a good movie.

Intense scenes - Well, yeah. Sorta. That's what kept us in the theater. Especially watching him walk back and forth on that ledge. Knowing the klutz I am, I would've fallen the minute I set foot outside the window. Would've made for a very boring movie.

The one damper I have to put on this film is that it is highly predictable. Spike is usually HORRIBLE about figuring out whodunnit in movies even though he's a very intelligent person. He had this one sorted out relatively quickly. Okay, two dampers. They left us with a few unanswered questions. And the techs did NOT sweep the entire room for prints. They didn't check the one area he neglected to clean. Despite that I still liked it. The only people I wouldn't recommend this to are young kids because of the rating and the things mentioned in the breakdown. I will see this again.

P.S. I have no idea if there was anything during or after the credits. We got swept up in the tide of people leaving and I didn't get to see. Sorry.

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