Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie List - December 2011

Okay so, what with all the drama in my life from the past month, I'm just now getting around to my December movie list and also wrapping up the totals for the year.

1) Annie
2) The Family Stone
3) Burlesque
4) Melancholia - Really good but somewhat confusing film I saw at the OKC Museum of Art
5) We Bought a Zoo
6) Breaking Dawn
7) The Help

And going from my posted movie lists I only watched 205 movies last year. I would have thought it was more than that. But, I guess not. Needing sleep, money and sunshine probably put a damper on my movie time.

So, that's my 2011 wrap-up. Hopefully 2012 will be much better in so many ways.

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