Wednesday, February 15, 2012

21 Jump Street


If I could only use two words to describe 21 Jump Street I would have to go with “filthy” and “hilarious”. Those of you who watched the TV show already know the basic premise. Everyone else was either an adult then or too young to remember. Or hadn’t been born yet. Despite the series beginning when I was four and ending when I was eight I still caught a couple of episodes. Okay, so maybe I was a little older than that. But only just.

The TV series focused on a group of young-looking police officers who busted crime in local high schools. The movie does the same with the main characters assigned to take down a drug ring.

As you can see from my previous review, I recently watched The Vow. You cannot begin to believe how relieved I am that I saw that movie first. I wouldn’t have been able to take Channing Tatum seriously if it had been second. It’s nice to know that he isn’t the kind of star who’s been set as a Hollywood type. He can be funny or romantic or heroic or…and still look absolutely amazing.

I just recently started appreciating Jonah Hill thanks to Moneyball. He and Channing played well off each other in 21 Jump Street. I am so glad I’m not a casting director. I would not have put those two together. But someone saw something and it worked.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to talk about this film without revealing any important scenes. I’m pretty sure that made sense. Channing and Hill (Jenko and Schmidt) are sent to high school, as students, to find out who is distributing drugs. They’re pretty sure what the basic day to day is going to be like but are somewhat surprised. They both get to go through the typical, sometimes painful, high school experiences. We watched as they dealt with social structure, relationship preferences and girls. Not to mention having to actually go to class. No thank you very much.

I know you’re thinking that this doesn’t sound very exciting yet but stick with me. The film also includes some fun action scenes; one of them involving a Student Driver car, a Porsche (please correct me if I got that wrong. I just don’t know cars), a pink Bug, several motorcycles, flammable liquid and chickens. Hey! I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Thank goodness someone else could.

Let me begin the break-down by saying that within the first five minutes I knew that I would NEVER tell my sister she should take PT to see this movie. EVER!

Sex/Nudity – Yes. During a party scene we got a brief glimpse of someone’s backside. They also include a shot of several girls in just their unders. I guess they had to include something like that for the targeted demographic. Okay, I am going to spoil the film just a bit. We also got to enjoy (insert sarcasm font here) what was supposed to be a man’s…ahem… member. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for him, it was not attached to said man. There is also a brief sex scene during the credits.

Cussing – Let’s put it this way. If you decided to take part in a drinking game in which you had to down a shot each time the F-bomb was dropped you would be blitzed within the first 10 minutes. I gave up my tally a little over halfway through and still noted that THAT word alone was spoken over sixty times. Remember when Passenger 57 was the movie for that particular drinking game? We also heard every other cuss word under the sun. To list them all would make my review R-rated so I’d rather not.

Drinking/Drugs – Drugs…well sure. That’s what the movie is about. And drinking? I was feeling a tad tipsy just watching the party scene. I think there were fumes coming off the screen.

Violence – Definitely. I ended up laughing through the worst scene because a woman behind me screamed. And not just a quick, startled sound. She full out shrieked. I have a feeling the people on either side of me got shaken. Come on. You know what happens when you can’t laugh out loud. It takes over the rest of your body.

Grossness – Uh huh. I had to avert my eyes during what I thought was going to be a major puke scene. But, in all fairness, I am a sympathy puker so this isn’t really surprising. And the man’s member bit was a tad gross too.

I would absolutely, positively NOT recommend this for children or anyone who is easily offended by cursing. Having said this, I was amazed at the number of young children in the audience. Children old enough to understand what was being said and young enough they shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near that theater. And what makes things worse is that people are going to want to quote a lot of the lines. Repeatedly. I can see it now. Several teachers are gonna be in for a big surprise at school tomorrow when little Tommy decides to share his movie experience with other members of his class. Are teachers still allowed to wash children’s mouths out with soap?

A lot of the humor was immature and apparently I was in the mood for it. There were, however, a couple things I’m somewhat ashamed to admit I found amusing. I won’t elaborate though. You’ll have to watch and make your own opinions. Judging by the audience reaction this movie will do well solely based on word of mouth. Except for the man who was behind us as we were leaving. When asked what he thought of the film he said, “I thought it sucked.” Well, okay then. I don’t know what kind of movie he thought he was going to but nobody else seemed to have similar feelings. Maybe he didn’t see any trailers for it and was just there for a free screening. Yeah. Let’s go with that theory.

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