Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Vow

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I took Leanne with me last night to see The Vow. I loved it. We got to the theater 2, yes t-w-o, hours early and it’s a good thing we did. The line got long quick. I hope it does as well this weekend. This was another pre-screening so I’m going to try not to ruin it for you.

This is the story of Paige and Leo, a young, married couple who are in a car accident. Paige is put in a coma and when she wakes up she has no memory of her life with Leo. Despite the obstacles, Leo is determined to make Paige fall in love with him all over again. Does he succeed? Not tellin’.

I love the actors who were chosen to portray Paige and Leo. I’ve been a big Rachel McAdams fan for years. I have yet to see her in a movie in which I didn’t like her. And to say that I like Channing Tatum is a bit of an understatement. They really do need to be in more movies together. They are so believable as a couple.

Leanne said she thought The Vow was kind of cheesy but admitted shortly after that she’s not really a romantic person. Well…that would do it. The audience as a whole seemed to enjoy it. There was even a scene in which Paige did something that a lot of people didn’t want her to do and several of the men in the audience yelled, “NO!” Not the women…the men! Too funny.

I believe The Vow earned its PG-13 rating. Actually, I was kind of impressed that it got that instead of PG considering how lax the whole system seems to be lately. But, I won’t get in to that…again. Let’s see what could be behind that rating.

Sex/Nudity – you know they’re going to have sex but you don’t see it happen. There is also full backal (I made a new word) nudity. And it’s Channing. He’s pretty. This is probably one of the big reasons for the 13 after the PG. I’m just guessing.

Cussing – Yes. There wasn’t a lot but the word of choice was $#!+ and I didn’t hear the big ones.

Drinking/Drugs – Yes to drinking. No to drugs. Unless chocolate is a drug then yes.

Violence – Someone gets punched. He really did deserve it though.

Intense Scenes – Yes. The car accident. And, just a warning, they play it in slow-motion.

If you have even a teensy tinesy romantic bone in your body – like even a pinkie toe-sized bone – you might want to give this a try. And it’s Valentine weekend. The powers that be obviously thought out the release date. Take your sweetie to see The Vow. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll – more than likely – hold hands and snuggle. Perfect!

Note to my future husband wherever you are: Be a Leo. He’s pretty awesome.

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