Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scrambled Eggs with Turkey and Veggies

What’s this? Three recipes within 10 days? What is the world coming to? Okay, so. I was exhausted all day yesterday having not slept well the night before so I came home and was asleep before 6:30…I think. I have no recollection. Usually when I’m that tired I sleep right through until the alarm clock wakes me and even then it’s a battle royale with the snooze button. Not so this morning. I woke up around a quarter to 4 and have been wide awake since. Yea, me. What did I do with all this time? Well, first I watched last night’s recorded episode of Whitney. Love that show. Then! I decided to actually cook breakfast. Yeah. You heard me. I didn’t just grab fruit and yogurt as has become my norm since starting this diet. Not today. I kinda don’t mind being awake this early if it gives me time for real food.

Today’s line-up:
2 eggs
Ground turkey – however much you want. I like me some turkey so I used quite a bit comparatively speaking.
Red onion (though why they call it that when it’s actually purple is beyond me)
Red pepper
1 t. Salsa

I didn’t use a recipe for this but decided to just throw stuff together. It’s pretty basic. I browned the turkey first and then set aside in a small bowl. Next came the broccoli and, as mentioned in the Stir Fry recipe, it needs to cook a little longer than all the other veggies. I let it cook for about 5 minutes and then added the onion and pepper.

Once that had softened up a bit I threw the turkey back in and cracked two eggs over it all stirring until they were done.

I put all this on a plate so I could take a picture and then realized that I had forgotten the salsa and I really REALLY wanted salsa in this. What’s funny about that (well, not funny ha ha) is I’m not usually that in to salsa but for some reason this morning I just had to have it. So! Back in to the skillet went the eggs. I added the salsa and stirred it just enough to heat it and get a nice coating on everything. Then back on the plate it went.

I’m eating this as I type and it is SO good. This waking up with more than just enough time to scramble in to clothes and get out the door is not a bad deal. Maybe I’ll try it again in another couple months. Probably not.

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