Monday, October 29, 2012

Silver Linings Playbook (R)


Are.You.Kidding.Me?!?!?!?! Is there a new rule that I hadn’t heard about for romantic comedies? They must now be 95% depressing and try to make up for it in the remaining 5%? If that is the case then Silver Linings Playbook was an absolute success! It was less than two hours long but felt like four. Before any of you say that I’m jaded because I’m single let me just say that I wanted to enjoy this movie. I was ready to sit back in my seat and just get lost in the romantic funniness of it. At no point was I drawn in to this film. I was an outsider looking in and I so did NOT like what I saw. I would liken it to the train wreck theory but, after a little while in, I no longer wanted to watch any more.

Maybe at the ripe old age of 29 I am a bit old-fashioned but Hollywood romance seems to be slowly circling the drain. What ever happened to Sam and Annie? Joe and Kathleen? Anna and William? Linus and Sabrina? David and Susan? C.K. and Tracy/Tracy and Macaulay? And last, but not least Johnny and Baby? While most of these films did have some drama they didn’t let it take over the entire film and they certainly knew when to lighten up. I’m hoping I’ve seen a good Rom-Com lately and this movie tonight temporarily wiped it from my brain. There has to have been something good and recent. Right?

Silver Linings Playbook is about Pat, recently released from a mental institution where he’d been visiting since a slight “incident” involving his not-so-faithful wife. Pat had decided that he’s going to see the good and happy in everything. For someone determined to see the good, he sure does shout a lot. It’s also the story of Tiffany, recently widowed and recovering from trying to sleep her way through her grief. And I don’t mean that she was getting lots of rest.

I’m trying really hard right now to think of something good to say about this movie. The one part I actually liked was the dance scene because it was so painfully horrible that you just had to laugh. As for the rest, it was mainly a lot of yelling, cussing and football. And surprisingly enough, the football games were not the cause of most of the yelling and cussing although they did have their fair share.

I guess I should move on now from attacking the movie and start attacking the actors. I’m sure they’d be thrilled. Let’s start with Bradley Cooper. Bradley played the role of Pat. Let me rephrase. Bradley was chosen for the role of Pat. I didn’t quite believe him as an ex mental patient. I’m wondering if he decided that raising his voice and being overly profane would get across the character he was trying to portray. Sorry, Bradley. You just didn’t do much for me. I felt nothing other than anxiety for the movie to end. If you need “crazy” lessons maybe you should get hold of Christian Bale. He does it well.

Moving on. Jennifer Lawrence, you disappoint me. You were very nearly as profane as Bradley and some of the stunts you pulled made me ill. Inappropriate doesn’t even begin to describe some of your actions. Readers, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Jennifer was cast in the role of Tiffany. Not that cussing in general conversation ever thrills me but hearing it come out of her mouth just made me feel squidgy. It wasn’t natural, if you will. It wasn’t natural if you won’t. Samuel L. Jackson she is not! Any time Tiffany and Pat got together a yelling match ensued. Uber-romantic, no?

Robert De Niro played the part of Pat’s dad, Pat Sr. He was the only actor in this film that I liked; maybe because he was believable. It is not surprising, after meeting his mom and dad, that Pat Jr. is crazy . I'm surprised it wasn't worse. Not only does Sr. have a slight case of OCD, he’s also obsessively superstitious regarding his football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ve been surrounded by OU/OSU fans my entire life and all of them put together wouldn’t fill up Pat Sr.’s crazy basement.

I’m going to end my actor complaints with Jacki Weaver, Pat’s mom Dolores. I don’t know what the deal was but it seemed as if she was only allowed to say a couple things in any scene she was in and most of what she said came out as a whine. Imagine Peg Bundy but higher pitched. It was absolutely grating. She contributed nothing to the film besides “crabby snacks” and “home mades”. At least I think that’s what she was saying. I have no idea what either of these things are.

In case any of my prior comments didn’t discourage you from taking your children, or yourselves, to see this, hopefully the break down will.

Sex/Nudity – Yes but, fortunately, not much. We saw the back of a woman in a shower and quickly discovered that she wasn’t alone. Later on we saw more of the woman after they were found out. We also saw Jennifer’s naked back.

Cussing/Cursing – Not just yes…and they hit all the really good ones too. The descriptive word of choice in this script was the F-word. I may have missed a few but by my count it was spoken at least 76 times. That puts it right up there with 21 Jump Street. I’m beginning to wonder if Samuel L. Jackson and Wesley Snipes would watch this movie and be shocked by the language. In one scene Mr. De Niro dropped the bomb around 10 times in less than a minute. My sister and I have been known to have some knock down/drag out fights – sometimes literally – and yet we somehow managed to not cuss. Even when our parents weren’t around. Considering the fact that we got a stern lecture for saying “fart” I don’t even want to know what the punishment would have been had we spewed some of the intelligence that was erupting out of the mouths in this movie. My mom gave up long ago getting me to not say the word “butt”. Yep. I’m a wild one. My point is it’s completely unnecessary. There are other words in the dictionary.

Smoking/Drinking/Drugs – There was drinking. Of that I’m sure. A few beers. A couple glasses of vodka. The only drugs were the ones given to the mental patients and we never saw them being abused. I don’t recall seeing anyone smoking. If anyone did, they weren’t a main character.

Violence – Yes. There are a couple of fight scenes. One got a bit bloody and the other was shocking because of who was hit.

I cannot recommend this movie to anyone. There were a few parts that made me laugh for a second and someone did kiss but to call this a romantic comedy is severely mislabeling the film. I would feel horrible if I said anything remotely encouraging about this and my mom or niece went to see it. I would even go so far as to beg my newly married cousin and her husband to keep as great a distance away from it as possible. It does not promote healthy relationships AT.ALL. Go see Sinister instead. Just kidding. Sort of.

There was nothing after the credits during the pre-screening so feel free to do what I did, if you go see this, and go home and share how not good this was in the attempt to keep others from having to live through the same experience.

I am now in desperate need of a new Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film. They know how it’s done. The only silver lining in this film was that it eventually ended.


Steven Williams said...

Wait a minute...You're only 29?

Tarisa said...

Yup. And I have been for [mumble mumble] years now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have to read more of your reviews so I can run to the films you don't like and steer clear of any schlocky crap you deem worthy of your holier-than-thou "thumbs-up". I think 75 of the 76 F bombs from the movie could apply to your review.

Tarisa said...

You are very much entitled to your opinion. Please note, however, that I write most of these with my 14-year-old niece in mind. She is the whole reason this blog was created.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this yesterday and am relieved to know that I am not the only person on the planet who didn't like it! I agree with everything you said,

Peggy Crosgrove said...

Well, it was pretty good for me. Though they say it was a little different from the book. So I'll probably grab one, read it while curled up in my bed.

Tarisa said...

Peggy, I didn't even look to see if this had a book. I may check this out too to see if I like it any better.

T2 said...

Just stumbled onto your site from IMBD. Agree almost dead on with many of your reviews I read, until SLP. I myself having Bipolar, Gambling, and Football part of my life I thought this movie was FANTASTIC! (and dead on) The scene back at home after the football/brawl was Oscar worthy. I actually thought the movie was up lifting. Either way your review was an interesting read. "To each is own".

Tarisa said...

T2, thank you for your perspective. Re: Bipolar Disorder, gambling and football, I'm only personally familiar with football. Familiarity with the other two may have altered my review. I appreciate the feedback.