Friday, June 7, 2013

This Is the End (R/107 Min.)

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Wow! This Is the End was not good. Well, for me anyway. I avoided the trailers and went solely based on who was in the movie. Bad decision on my part. I knew just looking at the poster that it would be stupid humor but this went above and beyond. This is what I imagine went in to the writing of this film:

“Okay, I have an idea. Let’s make a movie about the end of the world and we’ll play ourselves. No, not WITH ourselves [giggle, snort]. Play us. Since everyone thinks that all celebrities do in their off time is drink and do drugs we’ll do a LOT of that. And then a bunch of people will disappear and then we’ll hole up in Franco’s house because it’s, like, built of concrete so it’s super fortified. Of course, we’ll have to talk about body parts and poop and pee and other fluids…a LOT. And wouldn’t it be hilarious if we totally bagged on Christianity? And we’ve got to get a lot of celebrities to be in it. Oh! I wonder what we could talk Channing in to doing!”

It couldn’t have taken too much more thought than that. At no point was “intellectual” humor included in the plot. It was straight up gutter/toilet humor. If you happen to like that then you’ll love This Is the End. I will admit that I laughed a few times but most of it was caused by the sheer stupidity and awkwardness of some of the jokes. But some of it was just gross. I took Mac with me again and we both almost hurled during one scene. I don’t know how many times I leaned over and said, “I’m so glad we didn’t pay for this.” Well, not with cash anyway. I want that 107 minutes back.

I would be surprised if there was much of a script for this movie. I think they all just got together, received a basic scene description then were told to run with it. I won’t waste time on talking about each actor because there wasn’t much acting in this. It was just one cheap joke after another.

The break-down for this is relatively simple. Was there cussing? Absolutely. Was there nudity? Definitely. It’s weird, over-the-top nudity too. And it’s not women. Was there drinking and drugs? Oh crap yeah. Was there sex? It was grossly implied. Did I like anything about this movie? Yes. Yes, I did. I liked the group cameo that showed up at the very end. Was it worth it to be able to see them? No. No, it wasn’t.

To say “Don’t take your children to see this movie” is sorely understating it. I beg you not to take yourselves. I have a feeling this is going to do well at the box office and that’s very sad. In case you’re wondering whether or not I even have a sense of humor, I do. Ask anyone. Ask them. ASK THEM! Ahem. I just, apparently, don’t have the sense of humor needed to enjoy this movie.

I just knew that there would be a teaser after the credits but there was nothing. I may have to watch another movie before I go to sleep tonight just so I don’t dream of this one.


Randy Dennis said...

Wow. A bit uptight are we? Why would you go see a movie you know you wouldn't like? This was the first bad review I have read for this movie. How sad it is that you had to sit through a movie you got to watch before most people, and for free! Why even bother reviewing movies that are not your style? Plus it was not that good of a review. Just because you don't like the humor does not make it a bad film.I personally hate musicals. That doesn't mean they are bad films. I'm not going to sit here and bash Les Misérables or The Sound of Music. I know I wont like them so I wouldn't watch or review them. You complaining about the crudeness of this movie is like me complaining that musicals have too much singing in them. You saw who was in the movie. What did you expect?

Tarisa said...

I don't really feel I need to defend my opinion but thought I'd go ahead and answer some of your questions. Uptight? No, not really. Why did I go to the movie? As mentioned in the first paragraph, I hadn't seen the trailer and that I thought it would be stupid humor. What I neglected to mention is that I sometimes like stupid humor. It just depends on the movie. This was not the first bad review I saw. I checked out the reviews on IMDB before I wrote mine just to see if I was the only person who felt as I did. I wasn't. And the other bad reviews were given by guys so you can't use gender as an argument either (not that you did). Movies that are not my style? Why should I limit myself to my normal tastes and miss the chance to see somethihng I might actually like? Life would be very boring if everyone did that. Not a good review. That's your opinion and I respect that. Musicals are not for everyone. I happen to like them. Not all of them, mind you. Have you ever seen Repo: The Genetic Opera? It's not your run of the mill musical but I've known people who wouldn't be caught dead watching a musical who ended up loving it. When all is said and done, I like surprises when it comes to movies. I like going to something I'm not too sure about and liking it. So, I gave this film a chance and hated it. Who's to say you will. I am curious though...have you seen it yet?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it much more than this reviewer. I liked the satire ( which this viewer missed or ignored) and the fact that the actors mocked their screen personas, and their privileged positions: they are actors who haven't a clue what to do as the world is ending. If you're a fan of the genre you'll see dozens of quotes from previous movies -- and despite the gross out humor it has a very positive message. I would have enjoyed it more if it had starred more women -- and it's funny that Emma Watson is the toughest character. For me it was worth the price of admission just to see Michael Cera twisting his sweetboy image into a pretzel.

Tarisa said...

Dear Anonymous,
I apologize for taking so long to post your comment. I was enjoying a nice, long vacation. I'm glad you liked the movie and I'm even happier that you were able to disagree without being insulting. I know a lot of people who really liked it so there's a pretty good chance I'm in the minority on this one.

Shane Adam Bassett said...

Your review was excellent, enjoyed what you had to say, I would have dinner and a movie with you anyday. Also by the way Seth Rogan has said nobody has spotted a secret qiuick cameo yet, i'm thinking it's either Miley Cyrus in heaven dancing, or Anne Hathaway likewise, although there is a Nichlas Cage lookalike at the actual party, Cheers., Shane

Tarisa said...

Thank you, Shane!

I didn't know there was a secret cameo. There were so many celebrities in the movie that it'd be hard to tell.