Thursday, February 27, 2014

Non-Stop (PG-13/106 Min.)

Liam Neeson, you have done it again! In the last few years I don't think you've made a movie I haven't liked. Then again, The Grey was pushing it just a bit but I'll forgive you for that.

In Non-Stop, Liam is Bill Marks, a US Air Marshal on board a flight from New York to London. He's barely settled in when he gets a text from an unknown person threatening the lives of the passengers on the plane if he doesn't have $150 million transferred to a specified account. Well, that's no way to start a flight.

It did not take long at all for the suspense to begin. There were a few character-building scenes here and there but those were quickly set aside for the drama. And action. And dramatic action. I do want to warn you early on that this movie contains a cheap scare. My friend Mack went to the movie with me and we were so unprepared for this scare that she blurted, "Holy crap!" before nearly knocking me out of my seat. I couldn't stop laughing. My apologies to the people who endured the mini earthquake my silent laughter produced. In all fairness to Mack, alot of us jumped too. We just didn't do it with as much flair. Would you like me to tell you when this scare is going to happen so you're prepared? Okay, I'll give you hint. It happens in one of the scenes on the airplane. You're welcome.

There are too many who-dunnits in Non-Stop that I'm going to stay away from the character descriptions because I could too easily give something away. I will say that I thought the cast was well-chosen. Okay, I'll say something about one character. I thought I was going to have trouble picturing Michelle Dockery as anything but Mary from Downton Abbey.  No trouble at all.

Non-Stop earned its PG-13 rating due to violence and cussing. There was no sex or nudity. There was drinking but who wouldn't want a wee dram in the midst of that mess? I'm betting the little girl in the film didn't, but only just. A few people were shot or pistol-whipped but there was no collateral damage. The people who died were meant to die. Sad, but true. I counted a total of 14 cuss words, but I'll bet I may have missed a few. GD and BS tied for the most with 4 each but the big one seemed to have been avoided altogether. Yea!

Overall, I was very happy with Non-Stop. Not the bad stuff that happened but in how it was all put together. I would like to make a few quick complaints and then move on. First, the terrorist sucked at math. Pay attention. You'll probably catch it too. I totally guessed who done it when I first laid eyes on him/her. I wish they'd been a little less obvious about it. The good guys on the ground should have known that Bill would know that they would try to track the account number. The co-pilot didn't smell the smoke.

I would recommend Non-Stop to anyone who likes Liam Neeson action films or just action films in general. It was fun with a few twists and turns. Please note that there were no extras after the credits at the pre-screening. I'm not sure if, when the film is released, they'll show them then but I've never caught that happening before. Go see Non-Stop this weekend. Help it beat The Lego Movie. Please!!!

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