Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Draft Day (PG-13)

First things first, Kevin Costner was in a movie that lasted less than 2 hours!!! I didn’t believe it was possible. I mean, I know it’s been done before, but how long ago? Sorry about that. I feel better now. Last night I went to the pre-screening of Draft Day and really really liked it. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I saw a movie I flat out didn’t like. Is Hollywood getting better or am I somehow avoiding those films? Hmmmmm.

Draft Day is about…Draft Day. Genius, right? It’s basically the 12 hours leading up to the NFL draft pick and a few hours shortly after. It’s about the freak-outs, the close calls and the last minute wheeling and dealing before the professional football team powers-that-be select their newest team members; with a little bit of personal life thrown in for good measure. Sonny Weaver, Jr. is the General Manager for the Cleveland Browns. He has the opportunity to choose a really good player for his franchise. At the same time he has to deal with the death of his father and the affect that had on his mother along with some overwhelming news in his relationship. He’s having kind of a rough day.

I have never really been that into pro football. No idea why. I just prefer college. In every other sport I like either/or. Having said that, I have never, in my life, intentionally watched a draft pick. It’s been on in the background when I’ve been at a party or two but, even then, I didn’t pay much attention. My goodness, though. The drama! I now want a job with a professional football team that would enable me to attend a Draft Day. How exciting would that be? And I would like to take a quick second to say that I did catch that Oklahoma was briefly mentioned at one point in the movie. Well, of course it was. Every team needs at least one Okie. Our boys are just that good.

I’m not going to ramble on like I usually do about the actors. There are really only three I want to mention. The rest are important but there were too many people in this to dissect them all. Kevin Costner is Sonny Weaver, Jr. He played him well but it was typical Kevin Costner. You pretty much know what you’re going to get no matter what the movie. Jennifer Garner is Ali, Cleveland Browns exec and Sonny’s girlfriend. I love her character in this movie. She has spunk! And don’t step on the underdog when she’s around. You’ll be missing parts. Finally, Griffin Newman is Rick, the brand spanking new intern in the GM’s office. He is a lesser character in Draft Day but he was fun to watch. He was the comic relief in several instances and, though being the low man on the totem pole, he knew when to stand up for himself. I silently cheered for him during one scene in particular. Whoops! I lied! There was a fourth person I wanted to talk about. Chadwick Boseman. I loved him in 42 and he’s back this time as a football player. In one of the scenes he almost made me cry. During a football draft movie! What on earth? He’s beginning to be one of those actors whose films I will see just because he’s in them.

On to bigger and better things. I love how this film was made. It almost felt like an exciting documentary. My favorite part about how the movie was put together was the split screen affect. So cool! Anytime two people were on the phone with each other, we got the split screen. But! This was better than normal split screens. In some cases, part of one person’s body would come to the foreground and overlap into the other person’s screen. Hard to explain but fun to watch. I know, it’s the little things.

Draft Day received its PG-13 rating for language alone. There was no sex or nudity. The closest it comes to it is Jennifer Garner’s naked back in a shower in the way background of a scene. No violence except tackles. A little drinking. No drugs. So, how bad could the language have been? This breakdown is for those parents who want the opportunity to decide just how much they want to allow their kids to hear. I may have missed a few but this is basically what we heard:

A$$ - 3 times
S#!+ - this one was the winner with at least 14 utterances
GD – came in second with at least 10
God, Jesus, Jesus Christ and Hell were mentioned a total of 11 times and not in a prayerful manner
The F-bomb was dropped twice
A few of the “minor” naughty words were spoken but not many

So, much tamer than, say, 21 Jump Street or August: Osage County.

I would recommend Draft Day to anyone who is a football fan, be it a college team or pro. It was nice to be able to call my mom afterwards and tell her that this is a movie she’d actually enjoy. She doesn’t care for blood and violence so she mainly sticks to RomComs. That woman does like a good sports movie though. And, sitting with her during a real sporting event? It’s definitely an experience. Draft Day does delve into Sonny’s personal life a bit but they don’t linger on it too much. Just a glimpse here and there. This was a fun movie that I will definitely own when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Enjoy!

P.S. Nothing after the credits for this one. The credits were fun to read though. It was almost a 50/50 split between actors playing someone and all the As Himself/As Herselfs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I now know what critic's reviews to ignore. Yours. Saw this at a sneak as well. It was atrocious. horrible acting, and some of the worst writing and directed ever committed to film, and I like Costner and sports movies. He was terrible in this, and it was pathetic

Tarisa said...

And you are entitled to your opinion, as was I. I do find it amusing that most of the insulting comments I receive are posted Anonymously. The people I saw the movie with and the people who sat in the seats around us all liked it. I'm sorry you didn't. Hopefully yours was a free screening so that the only thing wasted was your time and money for gas. I would also say I'm sorry that I'm losing you as a possible follower of this site but I can't. Best of luck in finding a critic who agrees with you in all movie-related matter. Better yet, start your own blog with the confidence that your opinion is the only right one.

Anonymous said...

You tell em. I thought it was a fine review and your response even better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your spunky and thoughtful review. I'm on the fence about the movie and you helped me.
Mark Walker

Aitana Crespo said...

way to go Tarisa...nicely said.

Anonymous said...

First sentence made the rest of your review lack credibility.

John said...

Saw it yesterday. One plot hole after another left me slumped in my very comfortable theater chair by halfway through. If reality isn't your thing, by all means go ahead and pay your money, because I had no complaints with the production values.

Anonymous said...

To April 11th "anonymous"....Tarisa's first sentence was meant as a joke..that happened to be true. ....so, lighten up "anonymous"...you'll live longer and enjoy good films more often.

Henry Spencer