Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Unbroken (PG-13/137 Min.)

As badly as I'd like to write a long, long post singing the praises of the movie Unbroken I'm going to have to keep it short.  Why?  Because if I don't, I'll end up sharing the entire story.  I took Mack with me to this pre-screening and she said that she liked it better than Lone Survivor.  I don't think the two can be compared.  They're just too different.

Unbroken is the true story of Louis Zamperini, a brother, a son, an Olympian, and a soldier.  While serving in the military during WWII, his plane crashed into the ocean leaving just Louis and two brothers-in-arms alive and afloat in rafts until they, well...two of them, were found by the Japanese Navy.  Not exactly who you want to find you if you're an American in WWII. 

How did Louis not only survive 47 days at sea and time in prison camp but also manage to conquer his aggressors?  You'll have to watch and see.

The movie starts in the air over the Pacific during the war.  I was expecting Unbroken to begin with Mr. Zamperini's life as a child, then teenager, then Olympian, etc. but we learned about his early years through well-placed flash backs.  I thought this was very well-filmed and would recommend it for that alone.  Let me warn you now, though.  This is a very tense movie.  Louis just couldn't catch much of a break. I hurt for him.  I nearly had a panic attack for him when he was locked in a very small "room".  And I wanted to beat the snot out of the bad guy for him.

I won't break down each actor's performance as I thought they all did well.  Jack O'Connell made me forget he wasn't really Zamperini and Takamasa Ishihara, the "bad guy", made me want to never see him in a movie again.  He was just creepy and evil.

There was not much reason for the rating on this movie except for the brutality.  I believe, at the most, we heard three cuss words.  If that many.  If there were more, they fit the scene so well as to go unnoticed.  I mean, sometimes, you've just gotta cuss.  After seeing what all Mr. Zamperini and his fellow POWs went through, I'm surprised there wasn't more.

I believe that this is a good movie and would recommend it to most adults.  It's too much for young children and teenagers.  I would strongly advise parents to watch it before letting your child/children go.  I know this is not what the movie people want me to say but I would not recommend seeing this on Christmas day.  It should be a day of peace.  Go see it on the 26th and spend the 25th pursuing lighter entertainment or, better yet, spend it with loved ones if you can.

Merry Christmas and happy viewing!

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