Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Wedding Ringer (R/101 Min.)

“Anybody’s best friend for a price.”

What do you do when you’re a tad homely, you have no real friends, you’re getting married, you’re not hurting for money, and you need fake friends to be your best man and groomsmen?  You hire them, of course!

Josh Gad is Doug Harris, sweet but socially awkward.  Doug is marrying the woman of his dreams in just a couple of weeks and has no one to stand up with him.  Enter Jimmy Callahan, played by Kevin Hart.  Jimmy runs a company that specifically caters to the friendless groom.  Doug hits him with the number of groomsmen need and the two set off to achieve the impossible.

I couldn’t help but like Doug from the moment I saw him.  He was just so…alone.  His desperate pleas to past acquaintances, many of whom don’t even remember him, to be his groomsmen was almost painful to watch.  But, I did.  Then we met his fiancee’, Gretchen, and understand his desperation.  Of course he wants this woman to think he has real friends.  In his eyes, she is all he’s ever wanted.  And because he is such a lovable dork, you know that’s what she sees in him too.  Right? …Right?

Doug turns to Jimmy for help and an unrequited bromance (Yeah.  I said it.) ensues.  Jimmy knows how to play people.  He knows what to say, what to do, what to be to make his grooms look their best on their wedding day and the days preceding the event.  Jimmy has a bit of a problem though.  Were he to get married, he’d need to hire his own company to fill out the wedding party.  Sad, but true.

After reading all that you’re probably thinking, “That doesn’t sound very funny.  Isn’t this supposed to be funny?”  Yes, it is.  And…it is.  Kevin Hart and Josh Gad just gel.  They played well off each other and made me believe their characters.  When Jimmy isn’t all business, he has an almost frat boy sense of humor.  And when Doug finally loosens up it is a relief.  

The dance scene is hilarious.  The party scene is fun but cringe-worthy.  The groomsmen are an odd but amusing assortment.  Doug and Jimmy were all kinds of fun.  The bride?  Not so much.  I liked this movie.  It ranks up there with 21 Jump Street.  The movie…not the TV show.  I warn you, though.  It’s rated R for a reason.  It didn’t quite hit the number of cuss words that were shared in 21 Jump Street but it wasn’t far behind.  There was brief nudity.  Lots of drinking.  A scene with a dog that I’m just not going to tell you about.  If I had to experience it; you have to experience it.  You’re welcome.

If you like Kevin Hart, go see this movie.  If you like movies like American Pie: The Wedding, you’ll probably like this.  It’s rude.  It’s lude.  It’s socially unacceptable.  Go see it!

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