Friday, July 29, 2016

Jason Bourne (PG-13/123 Min.)

Let’s get a couple of things over with quickly.  I liked this movie.  I hated the camera work.

Matt Damon delivers, yet again, as Jason Bourne.  He’s tough yet vulnerable.  Kind yet unforgiving.  And the guy can take a hit.  Over and over and over again.  Jason is still trying to figure out who he really is and a LOT of people get hurt in the process.  The collateral damage alone is insane. 

I’ve liked all the other Bourne movies so I was excited about seeing this one.  I got to watch it with three people this time.  Well, besides the couple hundred others in attendance. I brought Leanne, her husband, The Polack, and my new person of interest, Dodger.  We all have different movie tastes but we all enjoyed this film.  However, I have no idea what movie the lady behind us was watching.  She laughed her way through a good portion of it and I don’t recall one funny part at all.  Granted, we’ve sat by her before and can pretty much rest assured that she’s going to find humor in the most inane things.

Let’s move on.  Most of you who are going to see Jason Bourne already know how well Matt Damon does as the title character so there’s really no point in me prattling on about him.  He’s good.  We like him.  Next!

Tommy Lee Jones.  I like him.  I like him a LOT!  I did not like him in this.  At all.  I wish I could go more in to why but it would have to include spoilers and I don’t feel like spoiling it any more than I have to.

The character I understood the least was Heather Lee, played by Alicia Vikander.  She is some type of computer specialist who gets herself added to the “let’s hunt down Jason Bourne” team much quicker than you’d think she would.  Who is she really?  Why does she progress so quickly in the CIA?  Whose side is she on?  Is she good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Just kidding on that last one.  And I never really understood her motives for anything.  Again, so many spoilers.

Now about that camera work.  As mentioned at the beginning, I hated it.  I didn’t just not like it a little.  It made me angry.  During each fight scene, the cameras had to be up close and personal and move crazily around the combatants.  I’m not saying they should have stayed perfectly still and forced a third person point of view of the fight.  That’s no fun.  But!  Making us become a part of the fight wasn’t pleasant either.  If you get motion sickness, this may knock you off kilter a little bit.  I don’t know how many times something was grabbed to use as a weapon and I not only missed where on earth they got it but also, exactly what they grabbed.   I just couldn’t keep up with the fight scenes and it became increasingly frustrating throughout the film.

Having said all that, I’m beginning to think maybe I liked Jason Bourne just on principle.  I liked the others so I decided I was going to like this one.  Everyone else around me seemed happy with it though.  The laughing lady even clapped at the end.  No idea.

If you like the other Bourne movies, give this one a shot.  If you haven’t seen the other Bourne movies and you like action films, rent them right away then go see this on the big screen.  I want to see this one again to see what I missed the first time around.  No need to hang around after the credits unless you just want to. 

P.S.  Does anyone here know whether or not a SWAT van can really outrun a Dodge Charger?  Just curious. 

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