Friday, June 9, 2017

The Mummy (Rated R/110 Min.)

I made the mistake of reading several other reviews of this movie after I’d started my own.  I haven’t read one review yet in which the critic liked it.  Good thing I tend to disagree with a lot of the critics.  I liked it and will, more than likely, watch it again.    

The Mummy begins several thousand years ago and tells of a princess who was raised to rule and then is set aside when her little brother is born. Needless to say, she’s less than happy about the situation.  Add to that a bit of dark magic, a sarcophagus and a millennia or two; just for good measure.  This is not the kind of woman you want to wake up.  But!  Wake her, they did. 

If you’re going to this movie with any other films in mind besides the one you’re seeing, you’re going with the wrong frame of mind.  If you’re going to compare this to past Mummy movies, you’re probably not going to like it.  So…don’t.  Stop being a movie snob, enjoy it at face value and leave the other monsters at home. 

My only major complaint about The Mummy is that the director couldn’t seem to decide how to portray Tom Cruise’s character.  Is he a self-serving, womanizing, moronic thief or is he the selfless hero?  I guess the answer is, a little of both.  As Tom Cruise’s number one non-fan, I scoffed at some of the things he did at the beginning but I actually began to warm up to him and finally liked him at the end.  For the most part.  My only minor complaint is that I really wanted to see how the mummy saw things with her double iris/pupil eyes.  If you’re going to make a big deal out of this, play it up all the way.

Though I truly did like this movie…a lot…the acting isn’t much to write home about.  I think this was meant to be an action film and that most of the budget was spent on the special effects and action sequences.  And I was okay with that.  I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to make an action film, make an action film.  Make any long speeches the “chicks dig scars” kind of speech.  Leave the Gipper out of this and go blow crap up.

There is a reason that this film is rated PG-13.  Actually, there are several.  There’s nudity.  There’s a bit of cussing.  There’s violence.  There’s people being turned in to zombies.  There’s murder and mayhem.  Just not enough for an R rating. 

If you like Tom Cruise, go see this movie.  If you like evil, she-mummies, go see this movie.  If you want a good action-y/low talk-y talk experience, go see this movie.  If you’re just trying to decide what you should see, this weekend, go see this movie.  But, if you do, don’t bother staying through the credits. There’s nothing there.  Just a blank screen.  What a missed opportunity.

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